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The Joey Bosa workout routine that is getting him back into shape for a return to the field has been slow and steady. He incurred severe bruising to the bones in his left foot just prior to the first game of the season. Anyone who’s had this type of injury knows just how painful it is! And how long it can take to heal.

Joey Bosa Workout Creates A Biomechanical NFL Superstar

Joey Bosa Workout - 3Injury notwithstanding, Joey Bosa wasn’t always the fine physical specimen he is today. Indeed, the finely honed LA Chargers defensive end is light-years away from the high school ‘meathead’ it’s suggested he once was. Much of this can be attributed to his dedication to training, and football. According to his coaches, no one is more committed than Joey to putting in the hard yards it takes to get to the top in the NFL.

He doesn’t do sugar or alcohol anymore – they were the bane of his college playing days. He’s also got himself a private coach, ostensibly to help him build up flexibility and prevent injuries. They seem to have the flexibility part down pat. We’re not sure about the injury prevention however.

He spent the first 3 months of the 2018/19 season sitting on the sidelines with a severely bruised left foot. This is the same foot he injured during preseason training, although the 2 injuries are not reportedly linked.

Therapeutic Joey Bosa Workout Helps Rehabilitate Injured Foot And Avoid Surgery

Once his cast came off and he got the OK from his medical team, the rehab Joey Bosa workout started. To begin with it just involved walking. A lot of walking reps backwards and forwards. Slow and steady to avoid the surgery it was first Joey Bosa Workout - 2thought he might require. Just a slow 15 to 20-yard walk forward followed by the same distance backwards. Then repeated a bit faster incorporating some rising up on toes into the routine. As the foot healed and the soreness lessened he was able to back pedal faster and add short distance breaking then do the same things at a jog.

It’s a training routine that appears to have paid off. Joey is now back doing more regular training with the team and looks set to make a return to their line up perhaps in November.

We have found Joey Bosa Workout Supplements (which is what we like to call them) are wholly legal. There’s nothing sinister about them in any way.

Yes Joey Bosa works out like anything but it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that looks to be helping him maintain the power and the strength he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is the report on our findings ….

To be continued …

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