John Cena Supplements - John Cena Workout

John Cena Supplements – John Cena Workout

John Cena Supplements – Will They Be Barred By The WWE?

(Planet Supplement) – John Felix Anthony Cena Jr might hold 24 championships as a pro wrestler and be a 15 times world champion in the sport but there’s another equally as important record he holds that’s probably not nearly as well known.

John Cena Supplements - John Cena WorkoutJohn Cena is a dedicated supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has now granted more than 500 wishes to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. That’s more than anyone else in the history of the foundation and for many people, that’s what he’ll be remembered for. In 2009 he was also one of the recipients of the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award. This is an award given annually by the Make-A-Wish Foundation that recognizes 4 celebrities who have taken time out of their busy schedules to make the wishes of sick children come true.

Professionally though John is a pro wrestler, actor, rapper and hosts reality TV shows. That’s a pretty big workload but somehow the champ still finds time to put in the training he needs to keep himself at the top of his game physically. And John Cena is every bit as strong and as powerful as he appears. Stronger in fact.

That’s because he’s switched from traditional bodybuilding to a regime that incorporates workouts designed to build lean muscle and keep off body fat. And whilst he’s denied using any type of performance enhancing drugs, he does admit to eating foods designed to support his workout regime. He has also apparently been rounding out his diet and workout regime with a couple of all-natural muscle building supplements that are designed to provide the additional protein, carbs and minerals needed to support intensive muscle work. These supplements (let’s call them John Cena supplements from now on) also help the body burn off excess fat, producing the lean muscled, no fat but incredibly powerful physique John Cena sports.

We caught up with John’s long time buddy and trainer Rob MacIntyre and asked him about these John Cena supplements. Turns out that guys everywhere have also cottoned on to these supplements and are using them to help get rid of excess body fat and build lean muscle fast. We knew there would be a few skeptical eyebrows raised so we compiled our findings into a special report.

To be continued …

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