John Krasinski Supplements - John Krasinski Body

John Krasinski Supplements – John Krasinski Body

John Krasinski Supplements: How Did The Hollywood Star Put On 20 Pounds Of Lean Muscle In One Month?

Best known as the slightly out of shape Jim Halpert from The Office, John Krasinski is a multi-talented all-rounder who is, amongst other things, a trained playwright.  He’s also directed several episodes of The Office as well as several other films and has co-written or written several scripts.  John Krasinski MusclesHe’s also no stranger to big name stars, having co-starred with the likes of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Renée Zellweger, Drew Barrymore, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to name but a few.

But over the past few months we’ve noticed that John K has changed.  We’ve been used to seeing him as the lovable but admittedly not so fit, even somewhat chubby Jim Halpert for years but that guy no longer exists!  What a transformation!  John K has put on around 20 pounds, but that’s not 20 pounds of fat.  Not by a long shot.  The guy is now all pure lean muscle.  And he reportedly did it so fast that we’re not alone in questioning how he did it.

The John Krasinski Body

It’s tempting to think that something fishy has been going on but the truth is that John had to shape up pretty quickly for the cover of Men’s Health.  So he enlisted the aid of a couple of all-natural muscle supplements that are well known for their ability to transform guys into lean muscle machines and help them shed unwanted body fat fast.  Coupled with a good workout regime and healthy diet of course!

We’ve provided a complete run-down on these (as we call them) John Krasinski Supplements for our readers so that you can see for yourself just how guys like John K and other celebrities get in shape so amazingly fast.  There’s no funny business involved, just a couple of supplements that on their own are pretty awesome but when taken together….  Wow!

To be continued …

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