Juicing For Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Juicing For Weight Loss

Although juicing in itself is not considered to be a weight loss method, it can be a great addition to a weight loss plan. I believe that solid food should always be part of a weight loss regime, and thus, juicing for weight loss is more about fitting healthy juices into the diet and is not a method in and of itself. So how does juicing help?

One thing that can happen during dieting is that we may not be achieving the nutrition that we need when we cut back on the food. It depends on the specific diet.

The great thing with fresh juices is that they supply us with an exceptional abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. These nutrients are essential for keeping every part of us functioning properly which can be a great aid to dieting because the extra intake of nutrients can help with food cravings.

The brain for example needs more than just a delivery of blood sugar to keep running, it needs (and ‘craves’) nutrients too. If we eat a meal that is limited in nutrients, then the brain will think it has had nothing to eat and will send out a signal that it needs more food. That signal to you and I is a craving for food! So on a chemical level, juicing benefits the body and helps its cells ‘feel full’.

Juicing recipes also supply us with essential B vitamins. B vitamins are like the energy factories in our bodies and help release the energy from food. This helps keep our energy levels in good order and can therefore limit possible ‘dieting fatigue’.

Juices, especially vegetable juices, are great low calorie snacks. Vegetable juices carry more substance than fruit juices and are a little more satiating at minimal calories. Some vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are known as negative calorie foods. This means that it takes more calories to digest them than they actually provide us!

Fruit juices are more sugary and therefore contain more calories. The sugar content of fruit juices can also cause a dieter a disservice at a hormonal level. The sugar content will generate a spike in blood sugar levels followed by the inevitable crash. A crash means irritability and hunger pangs!

So it may be better to limit the amount of fruit juices during dieting. If you do go for a fruit juice, directly before a meal might be the best time. It will help in the overall feeling of satiety of the meal and a solid meal will also smooth out the blood sugar spike of a fruit juice. If you are looking for a juicing machine I recommend the Jack LaLanne Juicer Review. Of the juicing machines I have tried, this is by far the best.

Juicing For Weight Loss
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