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Are Julio Jones supplements combined with a healthy diet responsible for the star Falcons player’s amazing fitness?

Julio Jones, real name Quintorris Lopez Jones, is one of the Atlanta Falcons wide receivers. The club drafted him as 6th pick in the NFL’s 2011 draft. Prior to that he had played college football for Alabama.

Julio Jones Supplements – Have They Helped Make Him A Superstar Athlete?

Julio is another young player with multi athletic talents. In addition to football, he is also a gifted runner, basketballer, high jumper, and track athlete. In fact, he was so talented at all these sports that he was named 2007 Mr. Alabama Track & Field athlete of the year. He was also able to play both wide receiver and defensive end for his high school football team. And as with other multi-talented footballers, there’s little doubt that these abilities have contributed to his football success.

Julio Jones Workout- 3He is also another one who had enough faith in his abilities to cut short his college career after his junior season. Declaring himself eligible for the 2011 NFL draft, he was ranked as one of the best wide receivers in the draft. The Atlanta Falcons wanted him so badly they traded 5 picks to the Cleveland Browns and snapped him up!

Julio’s performance during his first year as a pro put him at the top of the rankings for players in their rookie year. This more than justified the Falcons’ faith in him. He followed it up the following year with a performance than earned him an invite to Pro Bowl. In this third season he was forced to sit out most of the season after fracturing his foot. The following year though he returned with a vengeance, earning his second Pro Bowl invite. He’s received a Pro Bowl nomination every year since, making it 5 in total to 2017. Will he get another one in 2018?

Julio Jones, Healthy Eating, And Julio Jones Supplements

Julio Jones Workout - 1One of the things that Julio Jones is now renowned for is his healthy diet makeover. Indeed he’s come a long way from the infamous ‘honey buns’ he was prone to chewing on for an energy rush. Today he’s the epitome of clean, healthy eating. Plenty of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, white meat including only wild caught fish, and organic dairy. This he believes is what allows him to recover quickly from the injuries he sustains due to his fast paced playing style.

He also says he works out as little as possible in the weights department. Not for him the hours spent sweating it out in a gym somewhere. Unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. Yet despite this he still manages to keep himself in peak physical condition. Could Julio Jones supplements perhaps be helping him out here?

It would appear that (as we prefer to refer to them) Julio Jones supplements are entirely legal and above board. There isn’t anything sinister about them whatsoever.

Yes Julio Jones works out like anything but it’s this top secret addition to his daily menu that looks to be aiding him in maintaining the power and strength he requires to remain at the very top of his game. Here is our account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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