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Julio Jones workout partner this past preseason had his team worried. Instead of attending training camp with the rest of the team, the Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver was holding out for a new contact. There’s nothing new in that. Players do it all the time. In fact, barely a season goes past without at least several players doing just that. But these guys are adults. They may not be training with their teams but they’re still putting in the hard yards.

Julio Jones Workout Partner Has Falcons concerned

Julio Jones Workout- 3The reason for the Falcons’ concern was not the fact that Jones was not attending training. It was more about who he was training with. Terrell Owens is a fellow Alabaman and wide receiver.

He is a veteran of 16 NFL seasons and a Hall of Famer. Arguably one of the greats of the game. So what could possibly be wrong with Jones spending some time hanging out with someone who could probably teach him a thing or three?

Nothing you’d presume until you learn that TO was regarded as a bit of troublemaker during his years gracing the grid. And that’s the problem the Falcons had with the situation. The last thing they needed was TO getting in Jones’ ear and offering non-training related advice!

Fortunately for the Falcons they were able to come to an arrangement with Jones to renegotiate his contract in 2019. Jones subsequently reported to camp at the end of July and all seems to be well again.

The Pre Season Julio Jones Workout That Really Isn’t

Julio Jones has been playing elite football since 2011. He’s just entered his 8th season and he’s looking and playing as well as he ever has. Off-season training company aside, Jones says he tries to spend at least some time during the off-season doing nothing much. It’s part of his grand plan to still be able to enjoy a healthy, active body well into his twilight years. That means no weight training, not that he does much of that even during the season unless he has to. He also doesn’t run, or do any of the other things that seemingly obsess other players between seasons. He just allows his body to rest and recover.

Julio Jones Workout - 1What Jones does do is make sure what he eats is the best it can be. He’s right into organic produce. He doesn’t eat red meat, or junk food. His fish has to be wild caught because he doesn’t trust what they feed to farm-raised fish.

He’s cut out sugar and those infamous honey buns. He does however still enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just before training. So you could probably say that the Julio Jones workout is just as much about working his digestive system properly as it is about physical training.

Our research has found Julio Jones Workout Supplements (as we like to refer to them) are legal and above board. There is nothing sinister about them in any way.

Yes Julio Jones works out like mad but it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that looks to be assisting him with maintaining the power and the strength he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is the report on our findings about the Julio Jones Muscle Workout …

To be continued …

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