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Calvin Klein Campaign Is Thriving Thanks To Justin Bieber Supplements

How The New Calvin Klein Campaign Is Thriving Thanks To Justin Bieber Supplements

It’s the stuff of dreams, and obviously legends. A recording studio executive accidentally stumbles across a YouTube video of a singing school kid and is so impressed he hunts the child down and offers him a career as a recording artist. If it wasn’t for the fact that that kid, one Justin Drew Bieber, Justin Bieber Muscleshas since gone on to become one of Canada’s most famous gifts to the world, you’d be hard pressed to believe it.

The young Canadian has also become one of social media’s most followed personalities – across several platforms – outranking other famous personalities much older and way more experienced than himself. Such is his popularity amongst his “Beliebers”!

Justin’s detractors though have often criticized his androgynous appearance and the overly youthful look that makes him appear much younger than he actually is. Despite this, Calvin Klein advertising executives obviously saw something in the young man because they offered him the chance to become the new Calvin Klein face and body.

Here at Planet Supplement we suspect that this is the reason for the somewhat startling changes we’ve seen in young Justin lately. Changes that are more than you’d normally expect of a teenage boy going through puberty.

So much change in fact that Justin’s critics definitely won’t have had much to disapprove of recently. Not in the looks department at any rate! That’s because since landing the Calvin Klein gig Justin has gone all out to change that androgynous appearance!

We wondered what his secret is so we did a little investigating and we discovered that Justin has tapped into something other skinny guys have also been using to build muscle and put on weight. These supplements (let’s call them Justin Bieber supplements) are an all-natural combination of plant-based proteins, carbs and minerals that help the body develop muscle and shed fat fast. So fast in fact that sometimes the effects are likened to PEDs. Want to know more? Then read on….

To be continued …

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