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For elite sports people like champion Seattle Seahawks free safety Kam Chanceller workout routines are an integral part of their daily lives. Much like eating, sleeping, and breathing. After his neck injury last year, the former Legion of Boom stalwart has announced that he can’t risk his health playing football again.

He has apparently been told by his doctors that he risks permanent paralysis if he does. However he’s still keeping himself in shape. Working out, he said, is something he does regardless. It isn’t all done just for football. He has also appeared at Seahawk pre-season training sessions to offer encouragement, advice, and support. And of course sign autographs!

Kam Chancellor Workout Routine Helping The Ladies Get Fit And Healthy

In fact, Kam is so keen on exercise and working out that he started a women’s fitness boot camp. He co-owns Form By Force with his business partner Kevin Allen, who also happens to be a long time friend and his former defensive back coach.

Kam Chancellor Workout - 3The mobile training outfit runs workout and exercise sessions for women in gyms around the state. They are 90 minutes of high-impact, high-energy, blood pumping routines designed to have you feeling good and thinking positive. And ultimately, if you keep it up your body is going to look good too!

Some of the exercise routines incorporate moves that Kam himself does as part of his own training regime. But the best part, apart from the obvious health benefits, is that you’ll get to share a Kam Chancellor workout with the guy himself! Because he gets stuck into the exercises right alongside the ladies!

Form By Force though isn’t just about the exercise. It’s also about training participants how to perform the various exercises and routines correctly. As a professional athlete Kam knows only too well how important this is when it comes to performing any type of workout.

Kam Chancellor Workout Integral Part Of League Of Boom

As a pro footballer, Kam was one of the original members of the League of Boom. This was the Seahawks’ almost insurmountable defense line-up that helped skyrocket the team to the top of the league. And kept them there for a number of seasons.

We have discovered that Kam Chancellor Workout Supplements (as we like to refer to them) are completely legal. There isn’t anything sinister about them whatsoever.

Sure, Kam Chancellor does work out like anything but it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that looks to be assisting him with maintaining the power and the strength he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is the account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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