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How to Keep Your Gains After Your Prohormone Cycle

Using prohormones properly can help to add a lot of muscle mass and strength, as well as reduce body fat and increase vascularity. This is due to an increase in anabolic and androgenic hormones in the body, in combination with good training practices and sound nutrition. After a prohormone cycle is complete, it is essential to use good post-cycle (PCT) practices to keep the gains you achieved.

The first and most important thing to do is use a high quality PCT supplement. An advanced PCT supplement such as NextStage 10 will help increase natural testosterone production while reducing the effect of estrogen rebound. I also recommend stacking an additional aromatase inhibitor such as 6-Bromo with your PCT supplement, to decrease estrogen even further. The more you keep estrogen in check, the more gains you will keep.

It is also very important to maintain intense training and good nutrition post-cycle. In fact, the four weeks following your prohormone cycle should be considered a type of “after cycle” in which you keep intensity up while making minor adjustments. You may want to decrease training volume for good recovery, but keep intensity as high as possible. Keep protein high, and consider adding BCAA’s between meals to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use additional supplementation during this time to get the most out of your “after cycle”. I often recommend loading creatine immediately post-cycle to load the muscles with fluids and boost strength. This will help prevent muscle loss and help keep intensity high. Another great supplement to use is 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin such as what is in Natural Strength by Xcel. 5a-Hydroxy is a non-hormonal strength boosting supplement which should help decrease any loss in strength you get post-cycle.

It is normal to lose some amount of size and strength after a prohormone cycle, and this should be expected, even if you do everything right. Follow the guidelines above and you will be able to to maximize the results from your next cycle and any cycles you do in the future.

How to Keep Your Gains After Your Prohormone Cycle
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