Ketogenic Diet: What is it?
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Ketogenic Diet: What is it?

Doctors have used ketogenic diets for seizures with good results. A third of the children on this diet became seizure free and a further third had improved. Parents admitted that their children were more alert. The diet is used for up to 2 years. Doctors look for unusual complications such as constipation, dehydration and possible problems with kidney stones and gall stones.

So what is Ketogenic Dieting? This is basically starving the body of carbohydrates. Sugars are absorbed through the gut into the blood stream as glucose or fructose and stays in the circulation for approximately 24 hours. The hormones Insulin, glucagon and cortisol control the blood sugar level. Insulin decreases blood level while the other two increase it.

When all the circulating glucose is used up, the body breaks down fats to produce and maintain stable blood glucose levels. This is the process called ketosis and the by products of fat metabolism are ketones. There are parts of the body such as heart, brain, liver, that needs a regular and stable supply of glucose and if you do not supply glucose by food intake, glucose will be obtained by breaking down fats. This is the basis of ketogenic diets.

The liver is the controlling organ that facilitates weight loss in the ketogenic diet plan. If done properly, this weight loss diet plan will work effectively.

A ketogenic diet recipe will contain foods with only meat and fat and devoid of carbohydrates. If you combine a ketogenic diet meal plan with some exercise, then you have the recipe for excellent weight loss.

Do not worry that your keto diet will result in muscle loss. The body uses up all its extra fat store before it attacks and breaks down proteins (muscles) to produce glucose. You would have reached your weight loss goal well before then.

In the first week of being on a ketogenic weight loss diet, you may feel fatigued. This is the body adjusting to the low carb diet plan. You will also be aware of a specific smell to your breath. When the body breaks down fats from ketogenic diet foods, ketones are released and are partly excreted through the lungs and into the air you breathe out. Hence the “Keto Breath”.

You must be careful that you are not missing essential nutrients in your weight loss diet plan. To counteract this, use a supplement with a good mix of multi-vitamins and minerals.

Some women have experienced irregular periods on ketogenic dieting.Ketogenic Diet: What is it?

A classical ketogenic diet will have restricted calories, high fats, proteins and low carbs.

This type of dieting is such a hot subject in the weight loss sector that over 1500 low carbo weight loss products have flooded the market in three years. When first introduced it had it’s critics but currently over 25 million people in USA are on a low carb diet.

There are three types of ketogenic diets. In the Standard Ketogenic Diet, you only eat ketogenic diet foods. Atkins diet is an example. In the cyclical ketogenic diet, you stay on the ketogenic weight loss diet for three days, then eat normally with carbs in the foods for about three days then repeat the cycle. In the Targeted Ketogenic Diet, you aim for a specific time of the day to consume carbohydrates.

A ketogenic diet is perhaps the best way to effectively lose weight by dieting and if this diet suits you, have a go. If you have any medical issues or you are unsure, have a word with your family doctor.

Ketogenic Diet: What is it?
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