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Ever wondered what goes into the Khalil Mack workout that makes him one of the NFL’s most dominant linebackers?

Just before he was traded to the Chicago Bears in September 2018, Mack spent some time training with his old college team. Presumably he was showing them the ropes. Plus holding out for an extension to his contract with the Oakland Raiders.

Although he plays as a linebacker, Khalil Mack is not just any old linebacker.  Back in 2015 he trained as a right defensive end and wound up playing in both positions at various time throughout the season. That takes talent, and undoubtedly a lot of training.

How does a player like Mack train for two positions? For starters, he trains during the off-season.  That means he’s already pretty fit by the time preseason training camp comes around. He does some power lifting, lifts a few kettlebells, gets stuck into sled work, and performs plyometric workouts.

Khalil Mack Workout – Plyometric Training

Khalil Mack Workout - 3Plyometric training is basically jumping around.  In a controlled fashion of course, with an end purpose in mind.  It’s meant to improve strength and efficiency of fast twitch fibers.

Fast twitch fibers are particularly important for activities that require fast, powerful bursts of movement. Like sprinting, and holding down the position of linebacker in a game of football.  That’s why athletes like Khalil Mack like to work on making them stronger and more efficient

Examples of plyometric exercises are skipping, hopping, using a jumping rope, jump squats, clap push-ups, bounding and so on.  Anything that requires some jumping movements.

Mack also spends a lot of time studying his moves on film and comparing them with those of other linebackers.  This lets him see where he needs to improve, or where he could perhaps try something different.  He can then tailor his training to suit.  Like back after his rookie season in 2014 when he decided he needed to work on his lower body strength and get faster.  That resulted in him spending time doing some hill work.  It paid off.  In 2015 he got 15 sacks compared to just 4 the season before.  Plus an invitation to Pro Bowl.

Khalil Mack Workout Makes Him Worth The Trade For Bears

Khalil Mack Workout - 2This season he decided to work on his core and improving his speed off the scrimmage. He starts each workout session with some stretching before working on his smaller muscles.

Then it’s on to the kettlebells, followed by a bit of sledding. He also incorporates situps and pushups into the mix.  And plyometric training of course to improve his whoa to go speed.  Once again the Khalil Mack workout clearly worked.

He was the first Bears player to pick up an NFC Defensive Player of the Month in 6 years. Clearly Mack is proving to be worth his expensive salary, and worth the expensive trade for the Bears.

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To be continued …

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