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The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver soars effortlessly into the air to pluck a ball out of flight midair and we take a look at the Larry Fitzgerald workout that allows him to do this so apparently easily!

Larry Fitzgerald Workout - 1Larry ‘Sticky Fingers’ Fitzgerald wasn’t always the disciplined training machine he is now. Recruited by the Cardinals back in 2004, he spent his first few off seasons pretty much doing his own thing with respect to training.

Fortunately for Larry, his natural athletic talents and whatever training he was doing got him through.

That all changed in 2007 with the appointment of strength and conditioning coach John Lott. Lott persuaded Larry to change a few things in his off-season training regime, with significant improvements.

By the end of the 2008 season Larry was breaking receiving yards records and helped his team to Super Bowl that year.

The Larry Fitzgerald Workout Ethic That Keeps Him At The Top Of His Game

Fast-forward a decade and Larry is not only still playing football, he’s playing it as well as he ever has. Much of it comes down to a combination of athletic talent and his current training program. Larry is now a seasoned veteran at 35 years of age but his enthusiasm for the game, and for doing all it takes to stay ahead of his opponents in the fitness stakes, hasn’t waned. So he trains hard during the season, and then trains even harder during the off-season. He’s famous for it in fact!

Most off-seasons Larry heads home to Minneapolis where he sets up his now famous training camp for wide receivers. The opportunity to train with one of the league’s best in this position is a magnet for young wide receivers and for good reason. By the time pre-season training starts up again, Larry is already fitter than most, and looking to get even fitter.

What Gets Included In A Larry Fitzgerald Workout?

Larry Fitzgerald Workout - 3He does plenty of medicine ball workouts! And for good reason. The medicine ball is a great way to build the core strength he needs to be able to withstand impact, change direction, pivot, and be the super effective wide receiver that he is. Other exercises in the weekly Larry Fitzgerald workout routine include plyometric plate and kettlebell pushups, one set of which is done with the medicine ball.

He also does hang cleans, snatch squats, lying T-bar rows with and without a strap, and box jumps. These are all excellent strength building exercises. For cardio he likes spin classes as they’re easier on his aging joints and alternates these with stairs and treadmill. During in season training he’ll add on sprinting and footwork drills, plus some hand strengthening exercises.

The result? A wide receiver that is one of the fittest, and toughest, in the league despite his advancing years! Incidentally, Larry is also a great believer in also getting optimum value out of what you eat and drink too.

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Yes Larry Fitzgerald works out like anything but it’s this secret addition to his diet each day that looks to be helping him maintain the strength and the power he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is the report on our findings about the Larry Fitzgerald Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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