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Le’Veon Bell supplements – were they the reason behind the running back’s extended absence from training?

Could Le’Veon Bell’s absence from the Pittsburgh Steelers training camps have been more sinister than merely a contract dispute? He does after all have a history of substance abuse. We saw some speculation that he could have been waiting for drugs to clear from his system. And although we prefer to believe, like most, that he was waiting until the trades deadline had passed to avoid being traded, the doubt remains. In which case we also have to wonder – was it drugs or Le’Veon Bell supplements he had to clear from his system?

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There’s no doubting the fact that Le’Veon Bell is a powerhouse of a running back. He’s over 6 foot tall and weighs in at over 200 pounds. He was also a star athlete across several disciplines in high school. In addition to football, he played basketball, ran, and was a state level high jump champion. But, like so many other talented young all round athletes, he wound up choosing football as a career. No doubt the million dollar contracts have something to do with their decisions! However, money notwithstanding, it’s still a long, hard slog to qualify for the big salaries. These guys generally earn every penny of what they get paid.

But experts have pointed out that statistically running backs have the shortest playing careers of all NFL players. It’s because they hit, and get hit, more than most other NFL players. All of which begins to play havoc with a player after a few seasons. And some of those running backs are BIG guys! Smashing into them week in, week out, would certainly take its toll.

Could Le’Veon Bell Supplements Safely Extend A Running Back’s Career?

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This therefore begs the question. Are running backs worth the risk of long term, expensive contracts from a club’s perspective?

Presumably not, or at least not as far as the Pittsburgh Steelers are concerned it seems. Which is probably why they’ve put Le’Veon under a franchise tag the last 2 seasons.

Whatever their reasons, it meant he was not legally under contract until he showed up and signed on the dotted line. And understandably he was not about to risk his health by playing until he had to.

Then there was the chance he may have wound up being traded if he did show up before the trading deadline. Although the powers that be at the Steelers said they had no intention of trading him, they’ve apparently said that before and traded someone anyway.

But, like we pointed out at the start, there is also some speculation that he has another motive altogether for staying away!

Our research has found Le Veon Bell supplements (as we prefer to call them) are entirely above board. There is nothing sinister about them in any way.

Yes Le Veon Bell works out like anything however it’s this top secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be helping him to maintain the power and strength he needs to stay at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings …

To be continued …

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