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Le’Veon Bell may have spent the better part of pre-season training not training with the Steelers but that doesn’t mean the Le Veon Bell workout wasn’t happening. It most definitely was. The Steelers’ dynamic running back wasn’t going to risk turning up for work in less than perfect condition. However, there was the pesky question of ‘that’ contract. The one he’s been disputing with the franchise since his last one ran out 2 years ago.

Plenty Of Fancy Footwork Training In A Le Veon Bell Workout

Le Veon Bell Workout - 3One of the best running backs in the game, Le’Veon gets that way by working out with trainers like Rischad Whitfield. Whitfield is not called the ‘Footwork King’ for no reason.

He’s helped Le’Veon in the past and continues to provide the star running back with drills and workouts that keep his footwork fancy.

This includes reaction and reading drills that help prepare Le’Veon for what he’ll encounter during a game. It’s a huge part of the reason Le’Veon is renowned for his agility, co-ordination and quickness on the field.

The Steelers don’t always see it that way however. Their general manager believes Bell could be an even better player if he was exposed to more football contact during pre-season training. An even better Le’Veon Bell would certainly be something to see!

Le Veon Bell Workout – For Football Or The Boxing Ring?

Le Veon Bell Workout - 3Another thing that Bell has been incorporating into a preseason Le Veon Bell workout is boxing. Boxing is great as a cardio workout and for improving stamina whilst reducing stress on leg joints. It’s excellent conditioning for someone who is now inching closer to 30 than 20! In fact, Le’Veon is so keen on his boxing that he says he’ll be incorporating more of it and reducing the foot drills.

Speaking of age, Le’Veon is as we’ve mentioned on the 30 side of 25. That’s an age when most running backs are starting to slow down. It’s a position that takes a lot of punishment and sooner or later it shows. It’s also a position that is fungible. Essentially this means that running backs on the whole are interchangeable. As in – if you’ve seen one running back you’ve seen them all. Clearly though whoever decided this hadn’t seen a running back like Le’Veon Bell!

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To be continued …

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