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Lemonade Diet / Master Cleanse

The numerous benefits of the Lemonade Diet

You’ve all heard the numerous benefits of the lemonade diet. It cleanses your colon of many years worth of waste, detoxifies you of toxins collected over time, frees you from acne, rejuvenates your skin to produce a more youthful look, and frees internal organ clogging. The last one there helps a lot of people alleviate chronic pain. Other benefits include the accompanied weight loss, the energy boost, and fewer headaches, stomach aches, bloated feeling bouts, and indigestion issues.

These are the benefits when you look at the lemonade diet in isolation. When considered in comparison with some other famous detoxification diets, like the raw vegetables diet, how far up the charts would a diet that allows no solid food consumption really rank? We take a look.

Over the past few years, hundreds of different diets have been marketed to masses. Typically, these food regimens are raised further in popularity by exaggerated user testimonials and, sometimes, the rumor that so and so celebrity is using a specific diet. However, the truth is that most of these fad diets never last longer than a year or two at most.

The second people begin to realize that the diet doesn’t really work, they immediately give up on it and go out to search for the next best thing. However, contrary to many diet experts’ in-depth predictions that the lemonade diet is not ‘here to stay,’ the lemonade diet is still popular today after more than 2 decades. Some reasons why the lemon diet is not just effective but also very convenient for booting are discussed below:

Lemonade Diet Weight Loss

Weight loss honestly is the main reason why people choose the lemonade diet over others. If you’ve already gone over the lemonade diet instructions, you’ll notice that only liquid is consumed for 10 whole days at a stretch. This constant liquid intake fails to provide sufficient body energy.

As a result, the body dips into its fat stores for resources. In only 10 days, some have reported over 20 pounds of weight lost. When you really need to shave off an extra few pounds next Friday night, the Master Cleanse is usually your best bet.

Lemonade Diet Is Affordable

You need only 3 ingredients to start the lemonade diet: cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemons. These three are not only affordable, but also extremely easy to find in your local grocery stores. Unlike the majority of diets, that require you to use very specific fruits or foods that are usually costly and hard to find, the lemon diet is a very good solution for the frugal dieter. That, along with the fact that all you need to consumer for 10 days straight is the lemon mixture, means that you’re definitely multiplying your savings since you won’t have to buy any solid food for over a week. Now, that’s quite generous on your wallet.

Health Through Detoxification

One of the key features of the lemon diet that has attracted so many users is its ability to help people lose a lot of weight within a week or two. Many have marketed it as the fastest way to lose weight through dieting. However, one of the main purposes of this diet is detoxification of the body from harmful toxins. Weight loss is just one of the extra perks. So, the lemonade diet actually cleans your system, unlike things like the Atkins diet, that fill your body with cholesterol and proteins, that will soon enough be taking a toll on your health and energy levels.

When Stanley Burroughs invented this diet, he believed that it will help people cleanse their colons and avoid several diseases. Years of consuming solid food line the colon with toxins that consist of everything from chemicals to food preservatives. If left in there for long, they may begin to degrade and cause serious health conditions. Therefore, the detox feature of this lemonade diet renews your body both internally and externally.

Before you start your lemonade diet, make sure you consult with your doctor, especially if you suffer from one or more medical conditions.

The numerous benefits of the Lemonade Diet
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