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The Leonard Fournette workout is geared towards getting him just right for his role as a running back with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Leonard Fournette Workout - 2The position of running back is one of the most punishing in the NFL. These are the guys tasked with blocking opposition players, catching the ball, and running with it. As the primary object of the opposing team is to get control of that ball for themselves, any player who has it for any length of time automatically becomes a major target. And a running back usually tries to keep the ball for as long as possible! And run with it for as far as possible.

Immediately several things spring to mind. These guys get tackled. A lot. They need to be able to run. Very fast. They should be able to catch. Very well. Therefore it isn’t surprising to learn that much of their workout time is geared towards building up strength and endurance. The Leonard Fourrette workout is a case in point.

Ultimate Leonard Fournette Workout For Running Backs

Upper body and core strength is a definite asset for a running back. It allows them to withstand opposition tackles and even bounce the other players off themselves. Without getting too badly hurt themselves. Leonard achieves this strength with a plank workout. He does 3 sets of these, allowing a minute for each side. This develops the core strength he needs to be able to change direction without losing balance. The exercises also build up his waist strength, making it harder for opposition players to successfully tackle him around the middle.

Leonard Fournette Workout - 1He also does barbell back squats to maintain leg strength. They do after all have to carry him as far and as fast as possible, whilst also keeping him upright during tackles. He also relies on them to break through opposing defense lines. Leonard does three sets of four reps with 275 to 315 pounds on board. This is enough to keep him nicely toned up without overtaxing himself. The aim is to maintain his current level of strength and muscle bulk.

Bench Presses Beneficial In After Game Leonard Fournette Workout

Then it’s on to four sets of four bench press reps for upper body strength before a 20-minute cardio stint on the exercise bike. The bench presses are particularly beneficial after a game. They help promote increased blood flow to all the bruised muscle tissues, speeding up healing time. The team training routine in fact incorporates mandatory lifting sessions first thing the day after a game. Leonard also tries to fit in a 20-minute daily run as well.

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