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Thanks to an undoubtedly effective LeSean McCoy workout routine, the veteran player is one of the best running backs the NFL has ever seen. He was a second round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2009 Draft and played with them until being traded to the Buffalo Bills in 2015. During his stint with the Eagles he became their all-time leading rusher.

Although apparently not impressed by the trade, he’s nevertheless dedicated himself to doing the best he can for the Bills. It’s led to him becoming their best player by far and they rely heavily on him as a result. He’s made Pro Bowl selection each year he’s played for the team, and helped them break a long 17-year playoff drought. He’s also one of just a handful of NFL running backs with more than 10,000 rushing yards in their career.

Does LeSean McCoy Workout Help Him Avoid Injury?

Lesean Mccoy Workout - 3Whilst McCoy has had a few injuries during his career, he’s avoided many of the types of serious injuries his fellow running backs suffer.

This is largely because of the elusive running style he’s adopted that keeps him out of trouble. It’s similar to that employed by Hall of Famer Barry Sanders.

Referred to as ‘scat backs’, these players tend to run in an ‘east-west’ direction, which makes them more elusive. Most of them can also rapidly change direction to avoid running into other players.

This has significantly contributed to LeSean’s longevity in the game – he’s now 30 and showing no signs of slowing down. It’s probably a wise tactic for him to have adopted too because at only 5’11” and weighing just 210 pounds, he’d be a featherweight for some of the heavyweights in the game!

LeSean McCoy Workout – He’s Not Worried About Working Out With Opposing Running Backs

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When it comes to LeSean McCoy workout routines, he’s well known for his habit of working out with opposition running backs, regardless of which team they play for. He and Frank Gore for example, now of the Miami Dolphins, are long-time training partners.

In fact, LeSean thinks so highly of the veteran running back that he’s prepared to swap jerseys with him. This is an honor McCoy doesn’t bestow upon too many players but he does admit to having the jersey’s of a couple of other players he holds in high regard hanging in his basement.

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To be continued …

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