List of Essential Oils

List of Essential Oils

Essential oils are very concentrated essences from plants. Like herbs and foods, their energy properties are multi-leveled, and therefore can be very beneficial to the holistic care and maintenance of your body.

AngelicaRelease and let go of negative feelings
BasilRespiratory system, mental concentration
BergamotSkin infections
Birch (Wintergreen)Internal lymphatic cleansing, muscular pain, rheumatism, bone pain, infections, gall stones, kidney stones
Black CuminDigestion and immune functioning
CassiaAnti-bacterial, anti coagulant, anti-infectious
CedarwoodPurifier. Skin diseases, respiratory system
ChamomileBlood cleanser, skin regeneration, neutralize allergies
Chamomile (blue)Abscesses, acne, eczema, cystitis, gallbladder, chronic gastritis, ingrown nails (infected), liver problems, irregular menstrual cycles, skin disorders, ulcers and wounds
Chamomile (German)Acne, boils, burns, cuts, dermatitis, exzema, hair care, inflamed joints, insomnia, menopause, migraine, rashes, stress, teething and toothache pain
Chamomile (Mixta)Conjunctivitis, depression, digestion, gingivitis, insomnia, menstruation, dry skin, sore throat, toothache
Chamomile (Roman)Bruises, cuts, insomnia, muscle tension, restless legs, skin conditions
Cinnamon Barkcirculation, colds, coughs, digestion, exhaustion, flue, infections, rheumatism, topical infection, typhoid, vaginitis, warts. Viral and infectious diseases cannot live in this oil
CistusStrengthens auto-immune system. High in phenols for oxygen
CitronellaAnti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, and insecticidal
Clary SageAmenorrhea, bronchitis, cell regulation, cholesterol, circulatory problems, depression, frigidity, genitals, hemorrhoids, hormonal balance, impotence, infections, insect bites, insomnia, intestinal cramps, kidney, menstrual cramps, pms, dry skin,
Cloveinfectious acne, fatigue, glatulence, flue, tension, impotence, infections, lupus, memory, parasites, respiratory system
ClovebudAnti-viral, immune-stimulant, strong antiseptic.
DavanaStimulate endocrine system, improve hormonal imbalance, soothe rought, dry and chapped skin
DillBronchial catarrh, liver deficiencies, low glucose levels, normalize insulin levels, support pancreas function
EucalyptusAches, respiratory system, skin disourders, diabetes, diarrhea, energy, fevers, gallstones, herpes, inflammations, viral infections
Fennelcolic, cardiovascular system, digestion, constipation, hormonal balance, kidney stones, parasites, respiratory system, cleanse internal tissues
Fir (Conifer oil)Colds/flu, disinfect germs and bacteria, respiratory system, rheumatism, urinary tract infections
FrankincenseOxygenates the pineal and pituitary glands, communication with the Creator, immune strengthening, master healing
GalbanumAntiviral, body strengthening and supporting
GeraniumCirculatory problems, regenerating tissue and nerves, liver cleansing
GingerDigestion, catarrh, infectious diseases
GrapefruitDigestive system, drug withdrawal, fatigue, liver disorders, migraine, obesity, stress. Cleanses kidneys, lymphatic system and vascular system
HelichrysumBlood cleanser, chelation, circulation, lymph drainage, stimulate pancreas, scar tissue, regenerate tissue, emotional barriers
HyssopArthritis, asthma, bruises, circulatory system, lipid metabolism, raising low blood pressure, parasites, respiratory system, rheumatism, detoxifying, viral infections
JasmineRespiratory system, frigidity, lethargy, nervous tension, woman’s problems, promotes optimism
Juniper (Conifer oil)Detoxifier and cleanser for skin, kidney and liver. Nerve regeneration.
Laurus NobilisDigestive, stomachic, antiseptic, diuretic, fungicide
LavenderUniversal oil to balance the body
LemonAnxiety, blood pressure, cellulite, debility, digestive, fevers, gallstones, promote leukocyte, lymphatic drainage, memory, nervous conditions, respiratory, antiseptic
LemongrassBladder infections, circulation, regenerate connective tissue, digestion, eyesight, fevers, infection, kidney, stimulate lymphatic system, purification
MandarinInsomnia, hepatic duct function. Appeasing, gentle, promotes happiness
MargoramMuscle relaxant, parasympathetic nerves. Respiratory, burns, boils, colds, fungus and viral infections, insomnia
Malaleuca (Tea Trea)Fungal infections, infectious diseases, respiratory, candida, inflammation, shock, skin healing, sunburn, viral infections, warts, wounds
MelissaBrings out gentility in people
Mountain SavoryAntibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, immune stimulant, general body tonic
MyrrhAsthma, athlete’s foot, bronchitis, candida, catarrh, coughs, eczema, diarrhea, digestion, dysentery, fungal infection, gigivitis, hemorrhoids, hyper thryroid, immune stimulant, prostate, ringworm, skin conditions, spiritual awareness, viral hepatitis
MyrtleAleviate anger, asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, children’s chest complaints, support immune function, infections, insomnia, prostate, ovaries, skin conditions, lung disorders and respiratory decongestant, thyroid regulation
NeroliHealing the mind, body and spirit. Focuses to one and at the moment. Digestive system, anti bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral.
NutmegSupport adrenal glands, arthritis, bacterial infection, bad breath, circulation, diarrhea, impotence, joints, nervous fatigue
OrangeBrings peace and happiness. Digestive system, tissue repair, respiratory support.
OreganoAsthma, chronic bronchitis, colds, digestion, mental disease, balance metabolism, viral and bacterial pneumonia, tuberculosis, respiratory system, rheumatism, strengthen the vital centers
PalmarosaCandida, cardiovascular system, nervous system, rashes, scaly & flaky skin
PatchoulySedating, calming and relaxing. Detoxifier, digestive system, skin conditions, tissue regeneration, weight reduction
Pepper (black)Increase cellular oxygenation, support digestive glands, stimulate endocrine system, increase energy, rheumatoid arthritis
PeppermintAnger, arthritis, candida, colic, depression, fatigue, fevers, headaches, hives, hysteria, indigestion, nerve regeneration, respiratory system, sensory system, toothache
Pinedilate and open the respiratory system, bronchia
RavensaraUniversal oil
Rose (Bulgarian)asthma, bonchitis, frigidity, gingivitis, hemorrhaging, impotency, infections, secial debilities, skin disease, sprains, thrush, TB, ulcers, wounds. Mind elevating
Rose (Geranium)Healing, calming and balancing to the skin
RosemaryArthritis, asthma, baldness, bronchitis, candida, cellulite, cholesterol, circulation, colds, dandruff, diabetes, heart function, immune system, nerve stimulant, solar plexus, viruses
RosewoodSoothing to the skin. Tissue regeneration
SageHormonal balance, testosterone, adrenal, digestion, liver
SandalwoodCardiovascular system, remove negative programming from cells, oxygenate pineal and pituitary glands, skin regeneration, catarrh, lymphatic system, impotence
SpearmintIncrease metabolism, burn fat, release emotional blocks, glandular system, nervous system, respiratory system, kidney stones, migraine, wellbeing
SpikenardAntifungal, anti-inflammatory, skin tonic
SpruceRelease emotions, glandular system, immune system, respiratory system, joints, solar plexus, stimulate thymus and adrenal glands
TangerineSedating and calming metabolism, lymphatic system, parasites, liver problems
TarragonAnorexia, arthritis, colitis, dyspepsia, flatulence, urinary tract infections, kidneys, nervous digestion, parasites, rheumatism, sciatica, weeping wounds.
ThymeGeneral tonic for nerves and stomach, anthrax, bacterial infections, respiratory system, depression, recuperation from illness, immune system, spinal viruses, rheumatism, tuberculosis, wounds
VetiverImmune system stimulant, antiseptic, anxiety & depression, acne
Vitex negundoRheumatism, hernias, deafness, mental unrest
White LotusAnti-cancerous and strong immune support, spiritual & emotional well-being
Wild TansyImmune system support, positive attitude
YarrowProstate decongestant, hormonal balance
Ylang YlangEnergy balance, focus, calming, relaxing, blood pressure, diabetes, frigidity, hair growth, heart function, impotence, tachycardia
List of Essential Oils
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