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You Too Can Push Your Body To Its Peak With LL Cool J Supplements

James Todd Smith AKA Ladies Love Cool James or LL Cool J for short, has often been referred to as one of the “forefathers of pop rap”. He’s also a businessman, has written several books, has his own line of clothing and is the founder of But along with his music career, LL is best known as Does LL Cool J take Supplementsan actor with a number of film and television roles to his credit.

He currently appears in NCIS: Los Angeles as Special Agent Sam Hanna, who happened to have been a Navy SEAL prior to joining the NCIS squad in LA.

And there’s no denying that LL Cool J is perfectly suited for the role of a Special Agent and ex-Navy SEAL. Although he’s now approaching 50, he has a physique many younger men would love to have.

Fit, toned and healthy, he’s the perfect role model for anyone who thinks that just because they’ve clocked up a few years they can let their health and their body go. Or that they can’t keep in shape because they’re too old for that ‘sort of active stuff’.

We spoke to LL briefly on the phone and discussed his career and how he manages to keep in such great shape with his busy lifestyle. He told us that his good health is down to a healthy diet and daily workouts but admitted that because he’s getting on in years, he has been using a bit of help.

This help is a couple of natural dietary supplements that are all the rage with guys who want to keep their physiques looking as great as LL’s and other celebrities. They’re specifically designed to help build lean muscle fast and assist the body with burning away fat. When taken in combination and combined with the right exercise and diet, the results are absolutely amazing.

After talking to LL, we decided our readers would also love to know about these – as we like to call them – LL Cool J supplements!

To be continued …

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