Lose 35 Pounds
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Lose 35 Pounds

Is it possible to lose 35 pounds? Seems a little too much isn’t it? This is especially difficult and almost impossible if you give yourself a short time frame to be able to achieve your goal.

So, when we make goals, we make sure that they are realistic and time-bound. Let’s say we make 3 months as our time frame. Seems doable isn’t it?

If you wonder how to lose 35 pounds past, here is how you do it:

First of all, self discipline. This will be the bottom line of the whole struggle in trying to lose weight. Self discipline can get you a long way. Even if you just think of it, to lose 35 pounds is such a tall order. So, you will need all the help that you can get from yourself in order to go through the painstakingly hard time of losing weight and sacrificing a lot.

Walking really does a lot of wonders for us. And for you to be able to lose that excess flab, you should start with walking. A few minutes up to 30 minutes in a day for at least 3-5 times in a week in the whole duration of the weight loss plan should be dedicated to walking. Not only does this burns the fat from your body, it also gives you time to relax your mind, especially if you are going to walk outside and not just on a treadmill.

You may increase the intensity of your walking. Or, you may change it to jogging. Jog a little longer every time. But don’t go too hard on your first day. Do the increments gradually.

Eat right, and at the right time. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and reducing your intake of sugary and oily and fatty foods would be another key. Also, be sure you eat at the right time. Only eat the 3 main meals with 2 snacks per day. Anything way above that frequency, and amount, will only make you go back to square one.Lose 35 Pounds

In combination with proper food intake is usually adequate hydration. You should maintain intake of water or of liquids at least 8-12 glasses in a day.

Aside from mostly fruits and vegetables in the diet, you should also include rich sources of protein like eggs and meat. But only take in adequate amounts of these products. Also, reduce the intake of processed and artificial foods.

Eating small amounts of foods at a very long period of time can seem fulfilling. So, the secret there is to slow it down while eating. The longer it takes you to finish a single plate the better your outcomes will be. Also, it can be the same as saying that you should take small bites.

Eating several hours before you go to sleep is also important. Do not indulge yourself with midnight snacks as that is a major contributor of stored fats in the body.

In the end, the same as where we started, the only thing that will fuel this method of losing weight is your self discipline.

Lose 35 Pounds
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