How do you lose belly fat without liposuction?

How to lose Belly Fat without Liposuction or Exercise!

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We all want a flat and toned stomach, but few of us are lucky enough to have it. Most people have undesirable belly fat instead of toned abdomens. What they don’t know is how dangerous this fat is. But let’s find out what belly fat is, and what the answer is to the question: “how do you lose belly fat?” might be.

How do you lose belly fat? Get informed!

Belly fat is a form of fat, also called visceral fat, that accumulates around internal organs and, unlike subcutaneous fat that accumulates underneath the skin and is visible, visceral fat is not necessarily visible.

How do you lose belly fat without liposuction?

This means that you could be size 8 and have visceral fat around your internal organs without even knowing it. A small amount of fat around our organs is normal, because it provides the necessary cushioning the organs need. But when too much fat accumulates, the organ’s functions may be altered.

Fat is not just one more layer of tissue, it is like an independent organ that releases unhealthy substances. Visceral fat is linked to many serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, heart disease, and colon, breast, or endometrium cancer.

The human body does need a certain amount of fat to be healthy and function normally. Also, women tend to have a small belly fat layer, because they are supposed to have it. But after menopause, women tend to store large amounts of fat around their waist, causing the body to change from the clepsydra shape to “apple” shape.

This is the time when they start to wonder: how do you lose belly fat?, and become depressed because of the physical changes they experience.

On the other hand, men under 40 tend to have larger amounts of visceral fat than women.

So, how do you lose belly fat when you have too much of it?

The best way to find out what the amount of visceral fat in your body is, is a MRI scan or CT scan, but the common waist measurement can also give you a clue. You should have a waist circumference of about 35 inches for a woman and about 40 for a man, no matter what your total weight is. If you have a larger circumference, you should consider losing some of that extra visceral fat, or belly fat.

How to lose belly fat?

There are four ways of losing that belly: exercise, diet, stress management and sleep. For best results, you should change your lifestyle and include all the above in your new life.

How to lose belly fat through exercises?

There are no exercises that target just visceral fat or only specific body parts. A common belief is that by doing regular abdominal exercises, the fat around your waist will be reduced. Actually, abdominal exercises are not enough to make the belly go away. You have to combine them with other types of exercises. For example, aerobic and cardio exercises are the most effective when you need to lose the fat accumulated around your organs. Aerobic exercises help you tone your body and slow down the build-up of visceral fat. Exercises that increase your heart rate for more that 30 minutes, like cardio exercises, also slow down visceral fat gain. For best results, you should exercise every day in order to keep the belly fat under control.

Following a regular exercise plan can be quite difficult for many people. You realize that your whole body hurts after doing exercises for only 5 minutes, and the belly fat doesn’t go away as fast as you have been hoping for. The key is perseverance. The fat on your belly has accumulated in years of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, so reducing it takes time. You will notice that, by doing regular exercises every day, your belly fat will considerably reduce in time, and you will feel better in your own body.

Be determined enough and do not to give up your ideal of losing weight! Results will soon become visible. You just need to be patient and optimistic.

How to lose belly fat through diet?

When you are on a diet, and you try to lose weight, belly fat goes off first, so there is no special diet to rely on. However, research has shown that a fiber-rich diet can help you avoid visceral fat gain. Some other foods that help you avoid fat gain are bananas, avocados, yogurt, berries, green tea and citrus.

Besides eating healthy foods, it is very important to avoid foods that can lead to weight gain. For example, foods high in carbohydrates, like fried meat, soda, bread, white rice, and sweets.

How to lose belly fat through sleep?

It’s a proven fact that more sleep equals less weight. People who sleep six or seven hours every night are healthier and gain less weight than people who don’t sleep enough. On the other hand, too much sleep may help your body to store belly fat, so avoid excesses.

How to lose belly fat through stress management?

Stressed people gain weight, so an efficient stress management plan is important to keep your weight down. Try to avoid chronic stress and keep in touch with your friends. If you have the impression you are under too much stress, go for a walk or practice sports. It will help you relax and regain your energy.


You should avoid alcohol, too much time spent in front of the TV, the bread basket, and late-night snacks, which are sure to add layers on your belly.

Of course, a fast-forward method of losing belly fat is a liposuction. Before taking surgery into consideration though, you should first try natural methods.

As a conclusion, how do you lose belly fat? In order to have a healthy life and to avoid belly fat, you should have an active lifestyle. Avoid to become a so-called “couch potato”. Develop your social life and get enough sleep.

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How to lose Belly Fat without Liposuction or Exercise!
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