Ten Great Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight
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Ten Great Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight

Well the holidays are over and if you overindulged than you might be wondering what the some of the best ways to take off some of those holiday pounds.

1. Drink lots of water. Your body needs water to flush out the toxins and it gives a feeling of fullness if you sip it though out the day. I suggest adding a lemon wedge for flavor and even better weight loss benefits.

2. Try juicing out. You could even try a couple of days of juice fasting using good green juice that you make yourself. This is where a juice machine comes in handy. Make it a morning ritual for a tasty and healthy breakfast. If you do try doing a juice fast it is important to consult your doctor first.

3. Set yourself a realistic weekly goal such as two pounds. The reason for a weekly goal is to keep oneself motivated. Another is that many people try to jump into a cardio weight loss program and become too wore out to continue. Who hasn’t set a New Year’s resolution then found themselves paying for a gym the never even visit because they started out to hard.

4. Track your weekly weight loss goal on your smartphone or tablet. There are many great apps for this weight loss tracking. If you are anything like me your smartphone is just a part of your life so why not make it your electronic weight loss coach?

5. Move around. The human body was designed to move. Many jobs today require hours of sitting which is not good because it slows the metabolism down. There are also certain hormones that will only trigger when we get moving. So find ways to keep moving throughout the day. If you have to stand up every 15 minutes from your desk and walk around do it. Just find ways to move throughout the day.

6. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit if your body can handle it. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber and vitamins which our bodies need during a weight loss program. Certain vegetables like celery actually use more calories to eat then they give you. Root vegetables are thought to be good for dropping the holiday weight.

7. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Drinks such as beer and wine may taste great but they can be a source of empty calories. It would be best to avoid alcohol all together during a weight loss program just for the simple fact that people eat more when they drink. If you must have alcohol, stick to one or two drinks.

8. When going out to social gathering you can offer to bring something. This way you can bring a nice big platter of vegetables and low fat dressing. It is not good for your weight loss goals if you go to a party and the choices are hot wings, pizza, and nachos.

9. Find ways to build up your self-esteem. People with low self-esteem often use food to make themselves feel better. If one can find other ways to build self-esteem than it would be beneficial for weight loss. Focus on your good points. What you contribute to the world.

10. Finally, take before and after pictures of yourself during your weight loss program. You can even take weekly progress pictures for an added benefit when you track your weekly goal. Often times we cannot tell when we lose weight because we see ourselves every day, but if you can compare it to a prior picture you can often see a difference.

Ten Great Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight
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