Losing Pregnancy Weight - Weight Loss After Pregnancy
Pregnancy Weight Loss

Lose Pregnancy Weight

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If you’ve just given birth, you’re likely to be full of the excitement and happiness that a new life brings. You’re also probably quite annoyed when you hear about another celebrity mom who seemed like they could lose pregnancy weight like it was a piece of cake. In fact, you may have even heard that they did it while eating cake!

Here’s the truth – these celebrities have private chefs, doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers on hand.  If that’s not enough, a decent photo editor can make them look their best anyway. So what can a regular mother do?

There are several things that any new mom can do to lose pregnancy weight in a long-lasting and healthy way. Use these important guidelines to help you begin:

Call For Help

Personal time is a valuable asset for new mothers.  In order to lose pregnancy weight, you must find time in your hectic schedule to fulfill your regular duties as well as work out.  This is where family and friends can be of great help.

Trying to do everything alone is a no-no. Give your shopping list to your spouse, or see if a relative can watch your baby while you get fit. Many fitness centers, health clubs and gyms offer infant care programs designed to let you stay focused while you exercise. It’s likely that your neighborhood has many of these programs available, so be sure to take advantage of them.

Care For Your Body

If you really want to lose pregnancy weight, no matter now enticing it seems, junk food is the worst way to go.  You just went through a pregnancy, and that is extremely tough on your body.  Healthy foods will give your body the nutrients it desperately needs right now.  Quicken your recovery by consuming lots of small, well-balanced meals each day.  You should be getting most of your calories from dark green vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins, whole grains, and fruits with high fiber.

Your body will need more calories than usual if you are breastfeeding, as this will contribute to keeping you and your little one as healthy as possible.  Remember that you need lots of water.  It is recommended that nursing mothers drink about 64 – 128 ounces each day.

Be Active

It may feel that getting up in the morning takes all of the energy you have.  However, heart-pumping activities are critical for staying fit, and it will help you lose pregnancy weight much quicker.  A gym isn’t necessary for you get exercise; let your baby nap in a shaded area while you work in the garden, or grab the stroller and go on a nice long walk together.

Aim for a half hour of cardio about 5 days a week.  The scale will drop and your energy levels will skyrocket!  You can further reduce your weight and stress by adding yoga to your daily routine. Gain a boost in energy by stretching and posing when you get up in the morning.  Also, you can get a more rejuvenating sleep by doing meditative and breathing exercises before bedtime.

Get Sleep to Keep Motivated

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep every night is critical, but it can be difficult when you have a new baby.  It can be done, although it requires asking others for help, or by keeping up your energy by taking quick naps during the day.  A great way to do this is to sleep whenever your little one does.

In order to perform physically and mentally we require adequate sleep.  Problems arise when we are deprived of sleep by as little as 1-2 hours each night.  These problems include a sluggish immune system, difficulty concentrating, and the body’s reduced ability to heal.  What’s worse, is most new moms don’t usually get their needed amount of sleep.

By taking care of yourself, you’ll be able to take better care of those you love.  If you combine a good diet and sufficient exercise, along with proper sleep habits, you will find yourself on the best path to lose pregnancy weight fast!

Lose Pregnancy Weight
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