Lose Weight With These Unusual Ways To Burn Calories
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Lose Weight With These Unusual Ways To Burn Calories

No, we are not talking about running on the treadmill while listening to the radio or doing push-ups during TV commercials. We are talking about REALLY easy and unusual calorie-burning activities you never thought about. Check these out!

Text A LOT!

Believe it or not, texting can help you manage your weight a tad better. Keep texting for an hour and you can drop up to 132 calories, which isn’t too bad for a finger-activity. So spend some time every day to sit down, relax, and connect with friends through text. They’ll appreciate it as much as your body does.

Shower With Cold Water

We all know how hard it is to shower with cold water especially during the winter season. But by doing so, your body is forced to work double-time to maintain its normal temperature. That alone can burn about 100 calories!

Keep Your Nest Or Cave Clean

A cleaning routine is an excellent addition to your workout and exercise program. Let’s take a look at some of the most common house chores and how much calories you can burn while doing them:

Lose Weight With These Unusual Ways To Burn CaloriesWashing The Windows – This routine gives your upper body a great workout. Do this for 30 minutes and you can easily burn 132 calories.

Folding The Laundry – You may not have the biceps of a young Schwarzenegger after folding the laundry, but you’ll be 136 calories less after an hour of doing it.

Cleaning The Bathtub – If cleaning the windows gives you a good upper body workout, keeping the bathtub spotless efficiently targets your lower body. Wash and scrub the bathtub for an hour and your body will surely appreciate the 136 calories you eliminated.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep isn’t always associated with weight loss or fat-burning. BUT by simply adding at least 2 hours of extra sleep, you can easily burn 100 calories away. When you sleep for at least 7.5 hours a day, you’ll have less time to eat; burn fat; and enjoy greater energy. What’s not to like about sleeping!?

Give A Massage

Giving your partner a 30-minute massage won’t only sooth her/his muscles and helps release tensions. It can also burn 145 calories! Moreover, you can add this to your arsenal of techniques to get in the mood. We all know how doing the ‘deed’ is an excellent of a fat-burner. Throw a massage into the mix – you’re sure to have an even sexier time together and get rid of MORE unwanted calories in the process.


It may not be the most confident-looking form of body language. But according to a study published at the Mayo Clinic, fidgeting can help you melt up to 350 MORE calories a day as opposed to someone who doesn’t. For some people, fidgeting is hardwired. If you’re the stationary kind of guy, however, you can still imitate the ‘naturals’ by simply tapping your feet or moving restlessly in your seat.

Lose Weight With These Unusual Ways To Burn Calories
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