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Desperate To Lose Weight Quickly?

Are you desperate to lose weight quickly? Well hey, get to the back of the queue! How long is this queue? About a million people long.

We’ve all been there, right? You’ve been meaning to lose weight for a really special event – Maybe for a holiday or vacation, a wedding, to p!$$ off your ex partner etc. The list goes on.

This event is ages away, you’ve got plenty of time so there’s no need to start just yet. Then you wake up one day, you haven’t even started your weight loss plan and the event is only a week away! (Sound familiar?)

This is normally when panic sets in and we start looking for that ‘quick fix’. We can never find one and that’s because a quick fix doesn’t exist! (Stop cursing at your monitor, I didn’t lie and I will actually show you one )

Ok, so there is one thing you can consider if you’re desperate to lose weight quickly –

A Detox

There are many types and methods of detox but I won’t go into them because I’m certainly no expert on all the different detox types but I will tell you a little bit about detoxing.

Going on a detox (normally lasting around a week), your aim is to cleanse your body of all the toxins that you’ve accumulated within your current lifestyle and diet to make sure that your body is functioning optimally.

One of the benefits of a detox is rapid weight loss due to a loss of water through retention and the cleaning of all the ‘crap’ (excuse the lack of a better word) that has lined your stomach from some of the food that you have been eating. Detoxers regularly see losses of up to 7lbs in a week due to the change in diet and lifestyle.

Perfect! So detox is the answer if I’m desperate to lose weight quickly, right?

Maybe not.

Sure, detoxing may help you lose weight but those 7lbs do not come from fat! – ‘That doesn’t matter, I just want to lose weight fast!’, I hear you reply. Well, yes technically you’re losing weight but I imagine the reason that you want to ‘lose weight’ is to achieve a certain ‘look’ for your event rather than just knowing in your head that you weigh less?

Where I’m heading with all of this is that water loss isn’t as noticeable as fat loss, especially if you have a fairly high body fat percentage. So the bottom line is that although you’ve lost 7lbs, you won’t look any better for it because almost none of it came from fat. (if you’re already low in body fat, then your skin may appear ‘tighter’ and thinner by detoxing)

Detoxing is a good thing to do once every few months to make sure that your digestive system is cleaned out and running more efficiently but don’t rely on it for a long term weight loss or more importantly, a fat loss solution.

Quick fixes are usually not the way forward due to the fact that

  1. You can only safely lose 2lbs (1kg) of fat a week. If you’re only giving yourself 1 or 2 weeks, how much can you realistically lose?
  2. Quick fixes often cause muscle loss which in turn slows your metabolism down and will promote even more fat gain when you stop using your ‘quick fix’, whatever it may be.

Overall, the best way to lose fat and KEEP it off is to look at some long term lifestyle and diet changes that you are willing to make. They don’t need to be big commitments. Start small, but keep plugging away and eventually you will make it a habit. Make dietary changes that you’re willing to stick to and make exercise a part of your life in a capacity that you can commit to (exercise that you enjoy usually helps).

Desperate to lose weight quickly? You’ll never have to be if you start taking small steps towards your long-term goal now!

Desperate To Lose Weight Quickly?
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