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Losing Hair Is Manageable When You’re Armed With The Facts and Help

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Losing Hair Is Manageable When You're Armed With The Facts and HelpAre you losing hair and wondering if there’s something wrong? There’s nothing worse than trying to guess how many hairs you are actually seeing in your brush every morning or wondering how many escaped down the drain of your shower.

As a matter of fact, losing hair normally accounts for about 100 hairs a day. That sounds like a lot considering it’s over 36,000 hairs a year and that in itself is a reason for some to panic.

When losing your hair, this panic will send a lot of people to the most current advertised hair regrowth product in the hope of halting their cascading hair loss.

Is Your Hair Loss Hereditary?

Is Your Hair Loss HereditaryWhat many of these “regrow hair in 4 months” manufacturers, like Rogaine, fail to draw attention to is the fine print in their product promotions that state, “helps reverse the progression of hereditary hair loss”. It also states “not indicated for other types of hair loss”.

Before spending any money on a hair loss product, it’s important to understand the type of hair loss you have and a whole host of other considerations detailed below.

The goal in any hair regrowth product is to suppress or block the DHT production that strangles the hair follicles causing them to shrink and fall out.

The rate at which these products perform, if at all, will be based on the root cause of hair loss by the individual, that individual’s overall health, how well the individual sticks to a prescribed regimen when selecting a product as just a few of the determining factors for success.

Know The Cause of Your Hair Loss Before Selecting a Solution

Know The Cause of Your Hair Loss Before Selecting a SolutionHair product companies are in business for a reason and it’s not because they haven’t achieved success in some form with their product.

If their products didn’t work for some, they wouldn’t be sold or purchased and companies wouldn’t be in business.

With that said, I’m sure there have been a lot of products purchased, based solely on great advertising, that haven’t provided the advertised results. This is why the basis for any purchase decision needs to originate with those conditions unique to you and not what the manufacturer or distributor advertises to appeal to the masses.

Know your own situation…what may work for someone else isn’t a guarantee it will work for you. On the flip side, it may work well for you and not someone else.

Tips To Consider BEFORE Choosing A Treatment

When making the decision to address your hair loss, and you are exploring the literally hundreds of treatment options, I’d ask these questions first before buying any product…

  1. What type of hair loss do I have? Just because “Uncle Phil” is bald doesn’t necessarily mean losing hair is hereditary for you. Hair loss can be caused by stress, diet, illness, hair products, certain medications, medical treatments and even your own existing hair maintenance. Something as simple as not washing your hair with any frequency can create an oil buildup clogging the follicle and affecting normal growth.
  2. Can you follow a hair loss product regimen? Meaning, if you need to use it twice a day faithfully for 12 weeks or even 6 months can you stay with it? Or, will you become impatient and disappointed and possibly quit before you’ve given that product a fair shot and used it as directed? Would you then be the person writing a comment saying the product doesn’t work?
  3. Are you relying solely on what you get from a blog or forum where someone tells you the product works or doesn’t… or do you dig into it yourself? How the product is made for losing hair, what it contains, how long do I need to use it, who makes it are all more important than a post from somebody who has used the product for their situation.
  4. How long has the company been in business? And, do they belong to the Better Business Bureau? This is a good indication from the consumer how this company is to work with…essential because you want someone who stands behind their product. A good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the gold standard. The BBB website also tracks complaints against that company for a period of 3 years.
  5. Can you afford to make the financial commitment? If losing hair is a problem for you, then let’s say a hair regrowth product takes 6 months to a year to work. Can you afford the monthly costs for a product that treats your hair loss including shipping and handling to stay the course?
  6. What’s the value of the product manufacturer’s guarantee? This one is big for me. Let’s say you get a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer of 90 days…sounds good, right? If the product, like Rogaine for example, takes anywhere from 6 months to a full year to even work, what’s that guarantee worth?
  7. How long do you need to use the product? In the instance of products containing minoxidil, your hair will start falling out again within 60 to 90 days from when you stop using minoxidil. If you achieve success with minoxidil and are willing to wait up to a year to see if it works, then you are looking at a lifetime commitment to maintain that new hair growth.

Losing hair by itself is stressful, embarrassing, affects our appearance and impacts our self-esteem. Why make matters worse by jumping into the purchase of a product, if you’re not adequately armed with sufficient details to ensure your success?

Losing Hair Is Manageable When You’re Armed With The Facts and Help
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