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Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of “Losing Pregnancy Weight With Fat Burning Foods”!  Last time we discussed four amazing foods that burn fat.  This time we’ll be uncovering a few more of these wonderful fat-fighters.

Eating food for the sake of losing pregnancy weight is an exciting thought.  What’s more, scientific evidence shows that people who ate certain foods lost more weight than those who didn’t – even when all other conditions ware alike! Here’s a review of a few more highly effective fat burning foods:

Beans, Beans

Beans are a popular source of protein for dieters all over the world. They contain a healthy mix of carbohydrates and protein. Your body takes more time to digest beans because they are harder to process. This is actually a good thing, since it helps you feel full for longer periods, and it also stabilizes your blood glucose levels.

The bean’s fiber content is where it’s true magic lies. Fiber is great for losing pregnancy weight because it gives your digestive system a workout. Not only does it keep your system regular, but it also keeps your blood sugar stable. Plain beans are your healthiest option. Fatty re-fried beans and sugary baked beans can ruin your dieting efforts by introducing too many simple carbohydrates and calories into your diet.

Skim Milk, It Does A Body Great

As you learn more about losing pregnancy weight, you’ll find that a high metabolism is key and the metabolism booster that is most preferred over all the fat burning foods, is calcium. Studies have shown that calcium does, in deed, promote fat loss. In one study, two groups of test subjects were analyzed. One group received several servings of calcium each day, while the other did not.  Other than that, the groups did everything else the same. The study showed that the group receiving the extra calcium lost nearly three times the amount of weight as the other group.

While dairy products are still the preferred way to consume calcium, you can also get calcium from vegetables like spinach, broccoli and celery. When it comes to dairy foods, choose products made from low-fat or non-fat milk. They provide a higher amount of calcium with the least amount of calories.

Green Tea, For Me?

For years now green tea has been praised as a dieter’s wonder food. With it’s robust antioxidants, green tea helps reduce the amount of dangerous free radicals in the body. Green tea often contains small amounts of caffeine – far less than most sodas, coffee, or energy drinks.  This small bit of caffeine helps to pep up your metabolism and heart rate, without putting unnecessary or overwhelming stress on your body. Also, due to it’s gentle diuretic nature, it can be useful for expelling retained fluids from your system.

Studies of green tea as a fat-burner have yielded some interesting evidence. Individuals who consume 3 – 6 cups of green tea each day enjoy quicker weight loss than those who drink none.

(A Very) Honorable Mention: Water

Although water lacks any actual nutrition, it’s still very high ranking on any list of fat burning foods. Water plays many important roles within our bodies, including: Forcing retained fluids out of our systems, dissolving sodium to reduce bloating, curtailing hunger, and stimulating our body’s natural healing.

Water is also responsible for keeping your metabolism running at peak performance. Here’s why: Our kidney’s mission is to remove waste fluids and toxins from our systems. However, in order to work properly, they need lots of water. The kidney’s ask the liver for back-up whenever they are lacking water.

Although the liver is able to, acting as a secondary filtration system is not it’s main purpose. The liver’s job is converting body fat into usable energy. However, if the liver is working overtime to assist the kidneys, it’s ability to metabolize fat is greatly reduced. By drinking enough water, you can keep your body’s metabolism at maximum efficiency.

For a fast, effective diet change, start eating more fat burning foods. One of the easiest ways for losing pregnancy weight is to stay hydrated.  Adding 8 cups of water to your diet every day will put you on the fast track to rewarding and lasting weight loss.

Dave and Laura, the owners of the Planet Supplement Nutrition Info & Blog have both battled with weight loss issues until they finally found the plans and products that worked for them. On this website they share their experiences with you.

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