Detoxification and Losing Weight Effectively - Eat Your Vegetables
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Losing Weight Effectively: Eat Your Vegetables!

There is a simple way of losing weight effectively: eat your vegetables! No hard to follow diets, no starving yourself to death, no depriving your body of the nutrients it needs!

The season of fresh vegetables is here and all the markets abound in colors and flavors.

Cucumbers, red peppers and other vegetables attract the buyers with their scent, waiting to be taken home and cheer up someone’s day with their delicious taste.

You dream of the beach, of lean and beautiful muscles, but your body has yet to fight in order to get there.

Perhaps it is time for a diet, especially since you have such a variety of recipes and combinations you can try in order to satisfy your hunger and melt down the fat that is turning into an obsession every day.

Delicious salads, plump tomatoes, peppers and radishes are just a few of the ingredients that can spice up your meals and help you attain your goal. Besides losing weight, you also put an end to the avalanche of additives and conservatives you must have been consuming without realizing together with the food you normally enjoy.

Detoxification and Losing Weight Effectively: Eat Your Vegetables!

Right now, your body is tired and loaded with the toxins accumulated over the winter. A diet of a couple of weeks dedicated to vegetables would certainly turn things around, through a complete detoxification process and fast and obvious results as far your body is concerned.

In fact, vegetables should be a part of any diet, as they are the key to balanced and healthy eating, providing both the nutrients and the energy your body needs in order to put up with physical efforts and other daily soliciting activities. However, some vegetables enable better results than others.

For example, tests show that a few red peppers a day are enough to lower your blood cholesterol levels with up to 10%. They also prevent constipation, colon cancer, chronic diseases and they are remotely considered responsible for reducing the risk of breast cancer! Because of their high fiber content, red peppers help you maintain a slim figure, lose weight and, depending on the phenol antioxidants contained in the peel, they can protect you from the UV rays on the hot summer days.

Lettuce for Breakfast and Cucumbers for Dinner

Lettuce is another vegetable that boosts your metabolism. It has 22 calories/100g, so it is no surprise that most diets recommend it. Salad stimulates the metabolism and increases your bowel movements, it is well known for its beneficial effects on the liver and on the endocrine glands and it contains vitamins C and B6, as well as other nutrients that keep your immune system healthy.

Detoxification and Losing Weight Effectively - Eat Your VegetablesFresh salad is a must for those who wish to lose weight, but it is never complete without some sliced radishes, rich sources of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C with surprisingly few calories.

Cucumbers contain plenty of vitamins and minerals and only about 10 calories/100 g, so they are very efficient for weight loss. In addition, they are rich in water and potassium and have diuretic and depurative properties.

The list could continue, but the conclusion would be the same. There is only one solution for losing weight effectively: eat your vegetables!

Losing Weight Effectively: Eat Your Vegetables!
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