Lower Back Pain Exercise Recommendations

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back Pain Exercises

What is Lower Back pain

What is Lower Back painLower back pain is a very common musculoskeletal disorder which affects millions of adults around the world. Although its causes may vary, the most important of them include general factors like a simple muscle strain, overuse or injury; in most severe and complicated cases, a lumbar herniated disc or the spinal cord and nerves can be the source of the problem.

The symptoms, on the other hand, can be muscle spasms, cramping, stiffness and, of course, pain which may vary in many aspects: light to acute, constant or transient and so on.

But, you don’t have to despair! If you follow the lower back pain exercises presented below, you could reach the relief. The key point to deal with this problem is to stay active and also prevent your body from being in certain positions which can make things worse.

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Be careful

So, assuming that acute pain has somehow retreated, it’s time for a bunch of lower back exercises. Before arraying them, we should make clear from the very beginning that they should be carried out gently and using extreme caution. Moreover, whenever you have the sensation that you are doing something wrong, DO consult your personal practitioner – he / she is the most appropriate person to turn to!

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Be careful

That taken into account, the first aim should be the strengthening of the muscles that affect and support your lower back. Most of the lower back pain exercises of this category have the advantage that they are relatively simple to execute and can be done at home without using any special equipment.

So, do some mild work-out aiming at the back, the abdominal area and even leg muscles. When these areas get stronger, they will be able to support your lower back more effectively and this means not only that pain will be decreased but also that you ‘ll be able to recover faster from a potential injury in the future – or avoid it completely.

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Stretches

Stretching is another aspect of lower back pain exercises. This type of work-out has been proven to make the supporting muscles more flexible and, therefore, enhance their resistance to pain and also make them less vulnerable to injuries. You only need 5 to 10 minutes of stretching daily and the reward could be immediate; however, when you stretch, do it gently and totally concentrated, like feeling every single muscle being stretched; otherwise, the outcome won’t be so impressive.

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Stretches

After these widely recognized and praised back pain exercises, cardiovascular activity is the next step. This type of exercising is said to be ideal for your heart, but you shouldn’t underestimate its benefits for all your muscles while it greatly contributes to quick recovery from injuries.

Another type of lower back pain exercises with increasing popularity is the one that includes yoga. Yoga can strongly benefit your strength and flexibility provided you do not suffer from a type of spinal injury. It is also ideal for reinforcing weak muscles, thus making them less prone to injuries, while granting your back area with proper balance, resulting in notable relief from the pain in your back, and performing miracles in strengthening your spine and core.

Our Final Words on Lower Back Exercises

This lower back exercises post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the option of chiropractic. This alternative choice requires a skilled and experienced chiropractic who applies manual adjustments to the joints in order to improve their motion and also to align the spine. The results can be impressive as pain gets minimized and even completely disappears in many cases.

So, if you are in pain, consult your doctor and start performing these lower back pain exercises as soon as possible!

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