Lower Back Pain Exercise Recommendations
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Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

If you are suffering from lower back pain or you simply want to prevent this irritating malfunction from limiting your everyday activities, you should focus on correcting your sitting positions and reinforce the troublesome area with a variety of exercises. By doing so, these muscles would support your back in a more effective way; in the end you will be rewarded with significantly less pain.

Before deciding to start, pay a visit to your personal doctor and ask for his advice because some cases require special treatment. Also, a general rule is that lower back strengthening exercises shouldn’t provoke pain when executed. If you sense that something is wrong, stop immediately and ask for further guidance!

Lower back strengthening exercises routine

As a brief introduction, we should say that lower back strengthening exercises should be performed almost 4-5 times per week. Moreover, it is absolutely crucial to perform a mild warm-up before getting started so as to avoid an injury that could be catastrophic! As time goes by, you would experience a notable enhancement of your muscles’ strength and, definitely, a decrease in the pain. You can also take advantage of this situation in order to increase the duration or the difficulty of the lower back strengthening exercises. However, be extremely cautious not to exaggerate because you can end up worse than you started!

Some fundamental lower back strengthening exercises which are worth trying include pulling your abdominals away from your belt line, lying on your stomach and lifting opposite arm and leg repeatedly, using elbows and toes in order to straight your back, rotating your core while maintaining your arms and back straight while using a resistance band, hyperextensions and so on.

Extra Muscle mass with lower back strengthening exercises

As your back muscles gradually acquire more strength, you can try out some additional and more demanding lower back strengthening exercises which require weight resistance like deadlifts or bent-over rows. These exercises have the plus benefit that they help in putting on extra muscle mass on the troublesome back area and, consequently, support it more effectively making it less prone to potential injury; the serious disadvantage comes from the increased degree of danger they feature if you overdo it or if you are not concentrated on your technique. Therefore, we advise you not to attempt anything unless you know exactly what you are doing or unless you are safely guided by an experienced trainer.

So, lower back strengthening exercises can truly be a serious relief for your problem!

Lower Back Strengthening Exercises
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