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The appearance of Carolina Panthers champion linebacker Luke Kuechly belies the work that goes into a Luke Kuechly workout. He’s also fondly known as Superman and for good reason. His clean-cut college boy looks and unassuming personality off the field turns into a super-charged player on the field. Luke is taller than the average linebacker at 6’3” but he’s also lighter. Neither of these attributes have prevented him from becoming one of the most dominant linebackers in the League though. He was the 2012 Defensive Rookie of the Year and the 2013 Defensive Player of the Year. His next goal is to win a Super Bowl MVP. Will he get there? Chances are he will if he continues to play like he has been the last 5 years since turning pro.

The Philosophy Behind A Luke Kuechly Workout

Luke Kuechly Workout - 2Most of the workouts that Luke does are designed to develop long-term muscle function. These types of workouts help ensure players can play for longer. It isn’t necessarily about lifting the heaviest weights possible.

By focusing on what are called sub maximal weight loads, players can build up strength without putting unnecessary strain on their muscles. This training approach is what allows footballers like Tom Brady to continue playing past their 40th birthday.

Another thing Luke does is ensure he gets a good start to the season by putting in some pre-season training. For Luke this involves working on his whoa to go fitness, AKA explosiveness. He also does a fair bit of weight training. However, it isn’t develop brute strength, Hulk building look alike weight training. This weight training is highly targeted and designed to build upper body strength.

The Luke Kuechly Workout For Upper Body Strength

Luke Kuechly Workout - 1He does things like lateral pulldowns, upper body pulls and overhead presses with and without dumbbells. Mixed into this are kettlebell swings and lateral raises and squats. These exercises are all great for developing upper body strength. The weights are just heavy enough to provide a good workout.

Once he’s finished working out, or playing a game, Luke heads for lean protein. This helps to repair and build that all important muscle tissue. Plus it also assists with putting on lean, healthy weight and keep it on. When you’re not as heavy as some of the other players out there, every pound counts. It’s all part of the core philosophy behind the highly successful Luke Kuechly workout.

We have found that Luke Kuechly supplements (which is what we like to call them) are entirely above board. There’s nothing sinister about them in any way.

Sure, Luke Kuechly works out like mad however it is this top secret addition to his daily menu that appears to be helping him to maintain the strength and the power he needs to stay at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings …

It seems that Luke Kuechly Workout Supplements (which is what we like to call them) are wholly legal and above board. There is nothing sinister about them at all.

Sure, Luke Kuechly works out like mad however it’s this top secret addition to his diet each day that seems to be helping him to maintain the power and strength he needs to remain at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings about the Luke Kuechly Muscle Supplements ….

This muscle-building supplement stack has been clinically proven to:

  • Get rid of body-fat – it just melts away
  • Help flush toxins from your body
  • Pack on muscle – tons of it

As anyone who is interested in bodybuilding knows, this is a fantastic mix if you desire to become insanely ripped fast. So we decided it warranted an exclusive review and we’ll also tell you exactly why these alternative steroid products work, and work so well.

Luke Kuechly Workout Supplements – Everything There Is To Know About Them

Have you often felt that building muscle is an almost impossible challenge?

We’ve assessed many ‘popular’ muscle programs, only to be disillusioned by the expense and the lack of valid results. It’s not that there’s anything ‘faulty’ about many of the programs. It’s simply that they impose on your daily life with often-unrealistic limitations, especially with respect to diet. Some regimes stress the importance of eating plenty of protein.

Others lay emphasis on the value of carbs. , it often calls for a number of pretty radical adjustments to your diet and do you really need to do that?! So when we found out about these so-called Luke Kuechly Workout Supplements we thought we would have an indepth look at them. We thought that if they did even half of what they are supposed to do then we could be looking at the beginnings of a new-found and promising trend that is straightforward AND causes real results.

One of the things we found out is that trainers are calling this new Luke Kuechly supplement stack “nature’s steroid alternatives”. Steroids are a important part of muscle building and burning fat so it’s exciting news to come across a completely natural product that doesn’t have the bad rap of chemical steroids yet still works exceptionally well to achieve the same fat burning and muscle building results!

So what are these Luke Kuechly Muscles products we’ve heard a lot about?

Luke Kuechly Workout Supplements - ExtremeNO Muscle SupplementLuke Kuechly Workout Supplements - Boost Testosterone Levels with Natural HGH

They’re called XtremeNO and HyperGH 14x. If you watch TV or read the news, you’ve possibly heard about or seen a supplement touted as the “secret”, and absolutely safe, alternative to chemical steroids that celebrities and body builders all over the place have been making use of\taking to develop their fantastic bodies.

Well, today it is a secret no longer because we can tell you all about it. And we’ll also advise you (free of charge) how you too can build up the same celebrity type beautifully muscular body. It is all here in the exclusive report we have put together about XtremeNO and HyperGH 14x, two of the most exciting new products to hit the fitness and body building scene for quite a while.

Why The Sports Elite Are Using Muscle Supplements

When it comes to losing unhealthy body-fat and creating action star muscle nothing works quite like XtremeNO. This muscle builder is very high in anti-oxidants and has some amazingly strong strength building characteristics which ,when combined, make it a standout performer among muscle building supplements. XtremeNO is made from pure, high quality ingredients that have been combined into a proprietary formula that is proven to supply the energy and additional strength required to do some incredible lifting. And even better, it cranks up your metabolism and melts away body-fat fast. When taken with the testosterone booster bar none HyperGH 14x, the result is an automatic muscle-building machine.

Testosterone is an important hormone that plays a critical role in regulating many fundamental bodily processes including efficient metabolism of fat, bone formation, muscle building, and regulating mood and energy. The proven, all natural formula of Hyper GH 14x supplies a testosterone boost like no other similar supplement currently available. It’s no wonder then that when Hyper GH 14x and Xtreme NO are taken together the results are staggeringly mind-blowing.

However, one certainly understands if you are somewhat skeptical because, to be strictly honest, so was our team. Everything about this fat-burning/muscle-building combination very much shouted ‘fad’ to us when our team first heard about it. However despite the fact that our ‘it’s just a fad’ radar was yelling loudly at us the many success stories just kept rolling in. From everywhere. That more than anything persuaded us to take a comprehensive look at this product that was creating such a furor. And our team found that they liked what they saw. Notably the fact that people were getting extraordinary results without having to completely change their lifestyles or their eating habits. That’s a great win/win situation in our book. Another thing that convinced us is that both Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x are clinically proven.

HyperGH 14x Is Clinically Proven To

  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Shorten recovery time
  • Increase fat-burning
  • Super-charge muscle development
  • Improve sexual performance

XtremeNO IS Clinically Proven To

  • Improve strength
  • Boost energy naturally
  • Delay the onset of muscle fatigue
  • Increase metabolism and destroy fat
  • Maximize sexual stamina

One person we heard about – John Earls from Kentucky, records on his blog how he lost 8 lbs of fat and built up 20 lbs of muscle just by taking the recommended daily dose of the Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x muscle building stack over a 5 week period. He wrote that he “really didn’t believe it could be so easy. There were no changes to my diet or to my daily routine. All I had to do was pop two pills every day and the fat just melted off me like hot butter. At the same time all these muscles that were hiding underneath the fat appeared; most of them I didn’t realize I had. And as for my new 6-pack… Well, suffice to say that the girls don’t mind it at all.

So the end result of all our research was that our team thought they’d try Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x for themselves just to see if this muscle building supplement stack really does do all the things it was claimed to do. I had been wanting to make some healthy changes to myself for a while now plus I’d entered a fitness contest therefore I volunteered to be the guinea pig.

First I contacted the companies that produce Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x, introduced myself and explained that I was interested in trying their products with a view to writing about the results for you, our readers. Both companies were interested in helping out and agreed to ship me a month’s worth of free product. It duly arrived within a couple of days and the experiment was on……

For accuracy, I took my initial body-fat measurement and made a note of my starting weight. I was a very unimpressive 150 lbs with a body-fat score of 14% which I had to get down to 7 – 8% to get the results I wanted and for the fitness contest.

And so I began …

I kept to a reasonably simple routine. Only two pills each of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x twice daily. On days that I worked out I took the pills before and after my workout otherwise I simply took one dose in the morning and the other at night. I didn’t change my exercise or diet regime at all. At the end of the 4 weeks, I’d put on 15 lbs of lean muscle!!

Luke Kuechly Workout Test – Week 1:

The thing I noticed during the first week on the new regime was how rapidly and noticeably the Luke Kuechly Workout Supplements kicked in. For starters my energy levels were a lot higher. I also wasn’t nearly as hungry courtesy of the appetite curbing effects of the amino acids in Hyper GH 14x. All in all I felt great and I hadn’t had to alter my daily regime at all. When Day 7 came around I hopped on the scales and got out the caliper to measure my body fat. Unbelievably I’d gained 4 lbs of lean muscle!

However, [even with these impressive results I still wasn’t totally convinced. At the start of most muscle programs you tend to lose a fair amount of water without producing any lasting effect on the composition of your body. The tricky part would be seeing if I could maintain this amount of muscle gain over the remaining weeks. Regardless, it was certainly a fantastic feeling to be weighing less than 150 lbs for the first time in more years than I care to remember. I was very eager to see how the next few weeks panned out.

Luke Kuechly Workout Test – Week 2:

My energy levels and focus continued to improve during the second week. I also found that I was sleeping much better due to the detoxifying effects of Xtreme NO. This was giving more time for the muscles to recover and grow. With another 6lbs of fat gone I could see the outline of my 6-pack starting to appear, much to my girlfriend’s delight. By now I was beginning to believe that these Luke Kuechly Workout Supplements truly were everything they were purported to be.

Luke Kuechly Workout Test – Week 3:

My muscle mass continued to grow whilst the body fat simultaneously continued to disappear. The fat around my stomach and hips had been vanquished and I was now sporting quite an impressive 6 pack. Energy levels were also remaining consistently sky high all throughout the day.

By the end of the third week I’d lost an impressive 14 lbs of fat whilst at the same time putting on 12 lbs of lean muscle. Remarkable results considering that most other programs I’d tried to peter out around this time, it was often around about this time that other programs I’d tested and the water I’d lost during the first week returned.

Luke Kuechly Workout Test – Week 4:

The results of my trial were now noticeably apparent. Since starting only four weeks ago, I’d developed an amazing 16 lbs of lean muscle mass! With the loss of another 6 lbs of fat, my body fat percentage was now in the single digit figures that I’d been aiming for! Watch out fitness comp, here I come! Not unexpectedly, everyone else here wants to get hold of free trials of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x….

Will I continue to use the muscle building supplements XtremeNO and HyperGH 14x?

Well, I think the results speak for themselves as to the steady and amazing results of this product so yes, I will continue to use them. All in all, I really could not be happier with how the trial of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x ended up. In only 4 weeks, without any special diet and with no heavy exercise, I’d gained an remarkable 16 lbs of lean muscle.

Muscle Supplement HyperGH 14x Muscle Supplement Xtreme No

Luke Kuechly Workout – Player Nutrition & Exercise Info
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