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For Mark Ingram, workout kept him in shape even when he wasn’t ‘at work.’  The New Orleans Saints running back was forced to spend some time reflecting on the advisability of indulging in banned substances at the start of this season.  However, he certainly made sure he kept himself up to speed in the fitness department.  His intention was to hit the ground running when he made it back after sitting out the first 4 games of the season.  Was he successful?

History will record that the Saints hit the end of the 2018 season at the top of the NFC South ladder.  As the team’s starting running back, Ingram played an important role in this achievement.  This was despite missing those first 4 games.  You could therefore say the Mark Ingram workout during those 4 weeks worked a treat!

In fact, the team overall enjoyed a good season in 2018.  Whilst Ingram was away, they worked on developing their running game.  It helped them win 3 of their first 4 games.  Ingram slotted right into this game plan when he returned in Week 5 against the Washington Redskins.

Mark Ingram Workout Keeps Him Fit For Return

Prior to his suspension, Ingram attended team-training camp then headed home to South Florida.  His off-season home that is.  The son of former New York Giants Wide Receiver Mark Ingram Sr hails from New Jersey originally.  He spent most of his schooling years in Michigan before winning an athletic scholarship to the University of Alabama.  He entered the 2011 NFL draft as one of the most promising young athletes in the country and the Saints picked him up at #28.  Co-incidentally, this was the same as his father’s pick number.  It’s also the reason he chose jersey #28.

Working Out With The Local High school Team Integral To Mark Ingram Workout

Back home in Florida, Ingram is one of those celebrity figures that believe in giving back as much as he can to the community.  He’s adopted the South Florida football community as his own, despite coming from a different state.  He spends a lot of his off-season time with the Atlantic Community High School football team giving the young players tips and advice.  And that’s exactly what he did during this 4-week stint too.  This time however he had an ulterior motive!  He needed the on-field practice time.  Working out at the nearby XPE Sports facility is all well and good but it doesn’t replace time spent on the football field.  Of course, the lads at Atlantic were more than happy to help him out with his training.  Although recent rule changes meant he couldn’t actually train with the team during their practice, they were allowed to assist him with his training afterwards.  He then spent some time with them giving out more of the tips and advice he’s noted for.

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To be continued …

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