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Master Cleanse Length

Most people will stick to the Master Crease diet (or the lemonade diet) for a period of ten days. A lot of people will tell you though, that it’s OK to stay on the diet for another 20 days, and do it for a whole month. If you have never done a Master Cleanse before, then you will definitely want to start off doing for for just the ten days and with each cleanse that you do, add more days.

The basic idea of doing the lemonade diet for 10 days, is so that your body can take a break from digestions and filtering that it has been doing everyday of it’s life. Your body will then be able to turn all it’s attention to removing the bad things from your bodies, i.e. toxins and impurities. After the 10 days, your body will have rid itself of most of these toxins.

Baring in mind, you are advised to only do it for 10 days because your body NEEDS food in order for it to operate efficiently, and if you go into the diet unprepared and try to do it for a whole 30 days your first time, you may just end up in a dangerous state.

What you can do, is complete the master cleanse diet a few times and see how your body feels afterwards. Make notes of how you feel before, during and after, then judge from there whether or not you think your body will be able to undergo the diet for additional days. Always bare in mind though, that the Master Cleanse diet is NOT designed to be taken for long periods of time, which could make the whole process very unhealthy.

The next factor you need to take into consideration, is when you should actually exit the diet, and go back to your normal eating regime. Taking the Master Cleanse diet can cause a lot of changes to occur in your body, leaving you in a fragile state – so when you finish with the diet, you should not be going straight back into your normal eating ways, as this will cause your body to mess up big time. Since your body has gotten used to the new diet, there are a few steps that you should take in order to get back into your normal ways without screwing yourself up.

On the first day after exiting the diet, you should still try and stick to liquids only for the entirety of that day. You can do this by drinking a lot of water and even orange juice, drinking it slowly. Orange juice is great for slowly helping your body return to it’s normal state.

The next day, you can start to get a little bit heavier by having soups for meals – chicken soup is great for this stage of the exit.

Day three and should focus on drinking still, but slowly start to add some vegetables and fruit to your diet – go easy and let it all settle before you carry on with your normal diet!

Master Cleanse Length
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