Medical Conditions and Weight Gain – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
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Medical Conditions and Weight Gain – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator

Everyone knows that eating too much can cause excessive weight gain. However, some people notice extra pounds creeping up without making any dietary changes. When this is the case, the cause is typically some type of medical condition.

According to WebMD, one affliction that slows the metabolism is hypothyroidism, which is abnormally low activity in the thyroid gland. Another ailment is Cushing’s syndrome. This is a type of hormonal disorder that happens when the body makes too much cortisol, resulting in an accumulation of fat.

In a situation where someone has clinical depression, they may overeat. Therefore, food is the reason for the weight gain, but it is not the root of the problem. Medical conditions that are passed on through relatives, making them hereditary, may negatively impact a person’s weight.

Unfortunately, a lot of the drugs that are used to treat ailments and diseases have the negative side effect of excessive weight gain. These include steroids and antidepressants, as well as drugs that aid with controlling seizures and high blood pressure.

Since there are a variety of factors that can lead to excess weight gain, it is important to be aware of one’s body mass index. Knowing how to determine one’s BMI and the healthy BMI range is a critical component in monitoring weight instability. A normal BMI for adults is in the 18.5 to 24.9 range. With children, their age and sex must be taken into consideration. The ideal percentile is between five and 85.

Check our Harris Benedict Formula page to learn more about BMI and BMR … or find your BMI right away using the BMI Body Mass Index Calculator on our website.

Medical Conditions and Weight Gain – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
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