Michael Jordan Supplements

Michael Jordan Supplements

Michael Jordan Supplements – Would Players Today Be As Good Without Them?

Michael Jordan – that’s basketball legend Michael J Jordan by the way, not the actor who shares the same name, is a basketball legend and undisputedly the greatest basketballer of all time. He is also largely responsible for reviving interest in the game around the Michael Jordan Supplementsglobe during the 1980’s and 90’s.

And who could ever forget the Olympic gold medal winning ‘Dream Team’ which MJ was a member of!

How would MJ compare to some of the outstanding talent in the NBA today? It’s a question that has undoubtedly occurred to more than a few people, including MJ himself if recent comments he’s made are any indication.

It seems MJ feels today’s players don’t have to put in the same intensive training efforts he did because they have access to supplements that allow them to take shortcuts.

And in a way he’s right. Athlete and sports nutrition in general has come a long way in the last few decades. There are some pretty technologically advanced dietary health supplements available today that weren’t around back when MJ was playing.

Do these supplements allow today’s athletes to take it a lot easier with their training whilst still maintaining the same endurance and strength as the athletes of yesteryear? Would some of today’s top athletes still be as good as they are if they didn’t take these supplements or were catapulted back in time to MJ’s era when they weren’t available? It’s an interesting theory at any rate.

As for the Michael Jordan supplements – whilst they’re currently 100% legit, and 100% natural too, there is talk of them being banned in several sports due to the advantage they give players who take them. There are also concerns about increased injuries because athletes aren’t training as hard to get the muscle bulk and strength. Or they’re coming back from injuries much quicker than they would have if they weren’t using these supplements to boost tissue repairs.

If you’re wondering about now what the big deal is with these supplements read on….

So what are these products we’ve heard so much about?

They’re called XtremeNO and HyperGH 14x. If you watch TV or read the news, you’ve possibly seen or heard about a supplement touted as the “secret”, and absolutely safe, alternative to chemical steroids that celebrities and body builders everywhere have been using to build those incredible bodies. Well, today it’s a secret no longer because we’re here to tell you all about it. And we’ll also teach you (for free) how you too can build the same celebrity type muscular body. It’s all here in the special report we’ve put together about XtremeNO and HyperGH 14x, two of the most exciting new products to hit the fitness and body building scene for some time.

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