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In an era where it’s considered perfectly plausible to plaster ones thoughts all over social media, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas doesn’t do that. He prefers to plaster what motivates him instead. That’s why you’ll see him spouting gems like “I done use the same attitude that done got us here” and “Never let these folks catch up, once you catch up” instead.

That they work to keep him motivated is very evident as after just 3 seasons he’s now one of the top receivers in the game. It’s also apparent that whatever the off-season Michael Thomas workout involves, it’s creating a beast!

What Does Off Season Michael Thomas Workout Involve!

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When he posted some photos of himself on Instagram back in June last year fans would have been impressed. Thomas has always been strong but after being narrowly beaten in the finals at the end of the 2017/18 series, he clearly decided during the off-season that he was going to re emerge bigger and better than ever in 2018/19! Did he live in the weight room? Highly likely given the amount of muscle he’s added, and without gaining weight.

As Michael explains it though, it’s all about taking care of the ‘details’ and fine-tuning an already well-oiled machine. As anyone who’s ever done this with a car knows only too well, all those small tweaks can make a huge difference to the end performance of the car.

Clearly, this concept was very much on his mind during his off-season Michael Thomas workout. Not only is there more muscle but he appears to be mentally more focused. There’s also more explosiveness about him as well. All that adds up to one thing – opposing players beware!

Michael Thomas Workout Is All About The ‘Details’

Michael Thomas Workout - 3Michael Thomas is also one of those players that revel in taking on the best the league has to throw at him. He thrives on the challenges and uses the opportunities to learn more about himself.

He’s also proven that he’s more than capable of matching it with them, beating Minnesota’s Xavier Rhodes for several catches, and a touchdown during their narrow loss in the play offs. In fact, the only cornerback capable of keeping him off the scoreboards was Detroit CB Darius Slay.

Thomas also has a distinct training advantage over many of his rivals with cornerback Marshon Lattimore on the same team. The pair regularly square off at practice, allowing him to hone his skills against one of the game’s best cornerbacks. Has all this hard work paid off? Apparently so because he recently made CBS Sport’s list of top 25 players under 25.

It seems that (as we like to refer to them) Michael Thomas Workout Supplements are completely legal and above board. There isn’t anything sinister about them at all.

Yes Michael Thomas does work out like mad but it’s this secret addition to his daily menu that appears to be assisting him with maintaining the strength and power he requires to stay at the top of his game. Here is the report on our findings about the Michael Thomas Muscle Supplements …

To be continued …

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