MultiVitamins Supplement Review and Information

MultiVitamins Supplement Review and Information

What are MultiVitamins and Minerals?

Multivitamins / Minerals are arguably the most important supplements for those looking to build muscle fast or lose weight fast. They are also perhaps the most overlooked.

Vitamins and minerals are responsible for thousands and thousands of important reactions occurring in the body – Being deficient in just one vitamin may lead to these reactions not taking place!

Deficiency could mean a negative impact on things such as your hormones, metabolism and muscular recovery speeds

In turn, this will limit your performance, workout efficiency and ultimately your results – Not good, I think we’re all agreed!

How Do MultiVitamins and Minerals Work?

We could get really scientific here and spend all day explaining the benefits of each vitamin and mineral.

Luckily, that is neither necessary or important for what we are trying to achieve.

All you need to know is that each and every vitamin works to make thousands of chemical reactions happen to ensure that our body is working optimally.

This includes the formation of hormones as well as many other important metabolic reactions.

Now imagine that if the average person needs these reactions to take place – How badly do we need these reactions to take place if we’re stressing our body out with intense training? I’d say we need vitamins and minerals to do their job pretty well…

Bottom line, you will be more deficient in vitamins and minerals if you train because these vitamins are used up during intense exercise AND you’ll need supplemental vitamins to create reactions within your body to optimize your performance. (more so than the average Joe who does no training!)

A good multivitamin / mineral complex is a MUST!

Who Would Benefit Most?

Everybody would benefit from a multivitamin formula. Why? Simply because of the world we live in.

Everywhere you look, everything we eat – More often than not our foods have been refined and had the vitamins and minerals stripped. White bread is a prime example. Therefore we are generally not getting enough vitamins in daily life.

This can lead to deficiencies which can cause hundreds of negative effects on things like skin, hair, nail, energy levels, mood – Almost any aspect of your life can be effected depending on which vitamin you’re deficient in.

However, if you’re exercising, no matter how good your diet is – you’d benefit from a multivitamin and mineral complex simply because of the extra demands that you’re putting on your body!

What Are the Recommended Doses?

Each different vitamin and mineral has a recommended daily allowance – However, these guidelines are normally for sedentary, inactive individuals.

You’ll notice that in every decent multivitamin and mineral product made by a company aiming it’s product for active people, that the dosages are much higher than the recommended allowance (toxicity permitting – Yepp, you can even get TOO MUCH vitamins and minerals).

This is owing to the fact that our vitamin stores are depleted sooner by our exercise routines.

You won’t go far wrong by following the dosing guidelines of a GOOD vitamin product.

You should always check with your doctor before taking any supplement – Individual circumstances may mean that you can’t consume too much of certain vitamins.

Any Side Effects?

It’s rare, but consuming too much of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to toxicity.

Side effects would present themselves in many different ways due to the sheer number of different vitamins and minerals.

However, vitamin supplement companies will always bare toxicity levels in mind when they dose their products but if you experience any unusual side effects, consult your doctor straight away.

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