Muscle Building Diet For Skinny People
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Muscle Building Diet For Skinny People

Muscle Building Diet For Skinny People Who Want To Build Muscle

When I was starting my effort to build muscle, one thing that confuse me a lot is about the dietary plan. I want to know the proper muscle building diet that I can follow.

I think you also understand how important it is to have a proper dietary plan to build muscle.

At that time, to find more information about the proper dietary plan I read the magazines and also asked around to some of my friends that already successful building their muscles.

After reading a lot of magazines and some tips from my friends and also some trial and error, I finally know what dietary plan that work for me and it should work for you too. And in here I will share with you my findings.

When we talked about building muscle diet specifically for skinny people, there are two important things that you should pay your attention.

#1. Control the consumption of nutrients.

The first one is control the consumption of nutrients; we all know that there are four important nutrients to build muscle: carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamin and minerals.

If you want to build muscle, you have to know how many proteins, carbohydrate and fats you should get everyday.

Why? Because for the most part of your muscle building diet these three nutrients will take the most important role.


You should eat 30-60 grams of protein per meals for maximum results. And you have to get it from high quality food source.

Good protein source is fish like salmon, eggs, yogurt, chicken, and turkey. But, this does not mean that you forget the other nutrients.


Carbohydrate is the fuel for your body without it you are a car that running out of gas. You should eat 60-80 grams of carbohydrate per meal.

To get good quality carbohydrate that will less likely turned into fats by your body, you can get it from: brown rice, cornmeal, oatmeal, potatoes and pasta.


And now for the fats (our body also need fats) you should eat 20-30 grams of fat per meal. Good fatty acids can be found at fish and olive oil.

Do not eat french fries or any junk food and other deep fried food they do contains fat, but it is not the kind of fat what you are looking for.

And the last is vegetables; never miss this one out every time you take your meal. Veggies are good as antioxidant and can really help the recovery of your muscle.

#2 How many times you eat in a day.

After you know how many nutrients you should eat every meal, now you should know how many times you eat in a day.

Me, personally I eat every three hours. I eat every three hours to prevent my body from turning the calories that I eat into fat.

You should eat your first meal after 20-30 minutes you get out of bed, and after that you should eat your meal every three hours.

Muscle Building Diet For Skinny People
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