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Welcome to the muscle building section! In this area you’ll find muscle building tips and information contained in various articles for both men and women.

For men and women, building muscle will make you stronger, appear more athletic and increase your confidence. Many people may associate weight lifting with vanity but it provides many health benefits to improve your quality of life.

In the male, more muscle mass will increase your testosterone levels which helps with your strength, the rate at which you burn calories and will provide an increase in libido and sex drive.

Lifting weights will also increase your bone density which will help keep your bones strong even in old age! This applies to both men and women.

For women, increasing muscle mass is something that is commonly feared. Fear not – The female body is not designed to hold mountains of muscle regardless of how hard you train. The primary reason for this is that the levels of testosterone in women is significantly less than those in a male. These low levels don’t support big increases in muscle mass.

However, small increases in lean muscle tissue are achievable and should be desired by women because just slightly more muscle on a woman’s frame means a higher metabolism, a more curvy, ‘toned’ look and is a long-term solution to keeping the fat off (this is due to the fact that having more muscle on your frame means that your body is burning more calories throughout the day just to maintain them!).

Before you start reading articles, if you’re a newbie or even if you’ve been trying to build muscle in the past but not fulfilling your full potential, you can cut the learning curve down instantly by getting a solid muscle building guide.

Muscle Building Tips & Guide
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