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Muscle Building Workouts For Beginners

There are thousands of guys out there who would want their bodies perfectly ripped and toned like those of Hollywood stars. Once you plan on building muscles, eating healthy food along with muscle building workouts are crucial to attaining the desired muscle mass. There are numerous workouts designed to gain muscle mass on different parts of the body and every individual has his/her own requirements which make them follow different muscle building workouts.

As a beginner you cannot push yourself past your limits immediately, instead different simple workouts are designed which help new individuals in slowly transforming their body to the ideal one. For that you will have to get into strength training which gradually builds up your stamina for muscle building workouts. For instance, you will have to run on a treadmill for thirty minutes every day and lift weights with low rep range as a start up for muscle building. It is also important for the beginners to take one day off between workouts so that you can the soothe the soreness which beginners experience while exercising.

After the basic make up of your muscles, you will need to slowly progress into working out a little more than you previously used to. This is very important because even if you consistently follow the same workout every day, you will not be able to build muscles unless you slowly increase the pressure on your body. This is called “progressive overloading” and is a key to building muscles. You will have to train your whole body rather than restricting to the upper or lower body part as this will ensure balanced transformation in the body. The exercises which are best for this purpose include:

  • Pull ups/chin ups
  • Dead lifts
  • Bench press
  • Rows

Muscle building workouts should be performed under trainer’s supervision as you can even break your muscle in an attempt to build it. This can happen when you over work yourself in a desire to gain a perfect body frame as quick as possible. Moreover, you need to know that muscles are built when you are resting and not when you are working out. Therefore, it is essential to get a proper sleep as your growth hormones are most active when you are sleeping. It is suggested to take a nap after workout if your routine allows you to do that.

Another essential thing which you need to know when doing muscle building workouts is to stretch after workouts as it speeds up the recovery of muscles and makes up room for more muscle fibers to grow.

These were just some of the tips for starting muscle building workouts; however it is crucial to should consult a trainer to guide you on each step of your muscle building workout.

Muscle Building Workouts For Beginners
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