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Welcome to Planet Supplement!

We’re Dave and Laura, the owners of Planet Supplement and we’ve both battled with fitness and weight loss issues until we finally found the plans that worked for us.

When we had finally achieved our goals we began to feel younger and more alive than ever before.  This made us keener than ever to continue on with our health journey.  We also started to pay a lot more attention to our looks, physical attributes and other associated health issues.

No, we didn’t become obsessed with looks alone but like most people, when you lose a significant amount of weight you do start to feel more alive and vibrant.  This naturally makes you want to continue the process of looking and feeling your best.  We started to experiment with a few fitness programs, products and supplements and along the way we became well educated about natural solutions versus drugs and surgery.

We read, learned, researched and tested various muscle growth supplements and products to see which ones produced results for us.  When we achieved real improvements with certain products, it inspired us to write about our experiences and share some of our successes with others.

We have certainly not tried all the various whey, sports supplements, fitness supplements, sports nutrition supplements and the many other products available out there.  However, we are meticulous researchers and we take great care to uncover real, practical, and effective natural solutions for a variety of health concerns.  We do all the research and then report on our findings.  This allows others to make informed decisions themselves without having to wade through tons of information on the endless forums, blogs, and websites out there.

Unbiased Information About Sports Nutrition, Building Muscle And General Health

Our aim in creating this website is to serve as a reference for others who may be on the same journey we’ve taken, and are still in the process of taking.  The site hosts information on an array of health and beauty supplements, sports nutrition products, solutions for building muscle and more.  Our information is gathered by researching various reviews, opinions, thoughts, and from some of our own direct experiences with select products.

We constantly update the site with articles and resources as we come across them and we hope that you will find these as useful as we do when it comes to transforming your own body into the best it can be.  It’s our sincere hope that you will find the best muscle supplements or health solutions for your own personal issues, just as we have found ours.

So, What are the Best Muscle Supplements?

That depends on your health issues and goals.  What is your biggest health concern?  Are you losing your hair, or do you have too much hair?  Maybe you need to lose a little weight around your middle, or you just want more beautiful skin.  Or you may be fine with your body the way it is except that perhaps you want more performance in the bedroom.  Perhaps you’re interested in building muscle or sports nutrition because you lead an active sporting life.  Every one of us has our own unique problem area – you need to know what yours is and then make your decisions accordingly.  Top-of-the-line supplements or innovative product solutions address all of these issues – and more.

None of us are perfect but those who seek perfection may decide that these solutions are not enough and will choose to go under the knife in search of that perfect image.  Personally, we’ve never been brave enough, or desperate enough, to seek our surgery, especially with all its attendant risks.  Instead, we’ve found that good quality supplements and product solutions work wonders for those of us who just want to improve individual issues that have bothered us for sometime.

Dedication To Your Chosen Supplement And Health Program Proven To Work

Commitment and dedication to using your chosen supplements and products as directed will correct almost any nagging health or beauty issue.

Muscle Supplement Warnings

Even though all the supplements and products featured here come with our recommendation, keep in mind that we are not licensed medical practitioners.  Therefore we advise consulting with a competent doctor before beginning any supplementation program – especially if you currently take other medication.

High quality, natural supplements are very safe and effective but you should always seek your physician’s approval, especially if you are currently taking other prescription drugs or meds, to be sure the two don’t interfere or react with one another.

Purchasing Whey, Sports Supplements, Muscle Growth And Fitness Supplements And Sports Nutrition Supplements

There are a few things we recommend you take into consideration when purchasing any supplement.  This includes online or at a local bricks and mortar store.  First of all, make sure the supplement is of the very highest quality.  Second, make sure it comes with a strong money-back guarantee.  We particularly suggest you take care to check these out when it comes to discount sports nutrition products and other similar cheaper supplements.

For more detailed articles about a specific topic please refer to the Blog Category Section on the right or check any of our most popular links below:

Discount Sports Nutrition Products

All the products we recommend on Planet Supplement come from highly reputable companies who develop only top-quality supplements and products that come with generous, rock-solid money-back guarantees.  These are products made with high-quality, natural ingredients that are proven to deliver results.  They do not contain any useless fillers or other questionable additives, as may be the case with some discount sports nutrition and other low-cost products.  Proven, quality discount sports nutrition products however certainly do exist and if they deliver results then we’ll recommend them.

Whether it’s whey supplements, fitness supplements, sports supplements, sports nutrition supplements, muscle growth products or simple information about building muscle and sports nutrition, we try to cover them all at Planet Supplement.  So, have a look around, read the information and articles that are of interest to your specific concerns or interests and find out more about the muscle supplements that address those concerns.

To your health and beauty goals!