Natural Stress Relieve with Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
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Natural Stress Relieve with Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

Rhodiola Rosea – The Golden Root or Artic Root

Rhodiola Rosea also referred to as the golden root or Artic root is indigenous to high elevations and extremely cold climates, find widely in the artic, Alps, Rocky Mountains and the Mountains of Central Asia.

This extracted root has natural properties which alleviate stress and systems of stress to include depression. Pioneering studies have found the Rhodiola Rosea root comes from the perennial plant family of Crassulaceae and has both male and female plantations which sexual reproduce.The extract of the Rhodiola Rosea root was tested for its stress relieving, fatigue fighting properties.

Other studies have shown that this adaptogen plant also works to help build stamina, strength and sexual enhancement for men and women.

The extract from Rhodiola Rosea root produces the active ingredients believe to enhance the effectiveness of the plant.

Rosin, Rosavin and Rosarin are the active ingredients extracted from the golden root.

While this supplement natural root has proven evidence of its stress reduction properties by the reduction of stress level chemicals released by the body.  These stress chemicals released in the body are found to inhibit sexual performance, loss of appetite and depression.

Rhodiola Rosea extract increase metal functions by assisting the body blood circulation.

Rhodiola Rosea extract is also believed to have other disease fighting properties as an antioxidant.

While this root show promises as a disease fighting supplement, Rhodiola Rosea root also increase the bodies vigor and muscle. It helps the body to react to exertion by enhancing the body’s natural ability cope with stress through cardio protection and improvement of heart rhythms as associated with stress.

When taken in the proper dosages the golden root relieves stress and increase energy and vitality.

The Rhodiola Rosea typically comes in capsules however extracts can be found in natural teas.  It is recommended that taken at least 300 milligrams of Rhodiola Rosea for at least ten days will reveals significant improvement of both mental and physical functions.

Rhodiola Rosea should be taken on a regular regimen of 1 to 2 capsules in the morning or early during the day.  Because of its energetic properties it is not recommended to take the golden root late in the evening or at night, since some people will experience jitters, and the inability to fall asleep.  If taking two dosages daily it’s recommended that on capsule be taken when you wake and the second taken early afternoon or preferably before noon.

For increase effectiveness increasing the dosage by 200 milligrams daily is safe and speeds the effects of theNatural Stress Relieve with Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract extract properties.  However it is not recommended that the dosages are increase to more than 1000 milligrams per day.   While 1000 milligrams daily is ideal for individuals suffering from autoimmune or thyroid disease to increase energy and mental performance, people between the ages of 18 and 70 should take at least 350 milligrams but no more than 650 milligrams daily for the same physical and mental enhancement without adverse effects.

Certain adverse effects have been apparent in some studies such as jitters and insomnia which comes from over dosage; other adverse effects include reverse effects, such as chronic fatigue and anxiety.

Although mild depression can be treated with normal dosages of Rhodiola Rosea root if adverse effects are shown its recommended cessation of taking the golden root and consulting a physician.

With all the natural implications associated with Rhodiola Rosea root extract the original supplement was for relieving stress, increasing appetites and enhancing energy levels.  It has been found that this natural stress reliever also increases the body’s defenses through its antioxidant properties, sexual enhancement as well as strength and antidepressant properties, which makes Rhodiola Rosea a well rounded alternative medication.

Natural Stress Relieve with Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
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