Natural Wholefoods containing Zinc

Natural Wholefoods containing Zinc

Natural Wholefoods containing ZincZinc is required by approximately 90 enzymes for them to be able to function properly including

  • mobilizing vitamin A from  liver stores
  • production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland
  • converting tryptophan to serotonin/melatonin – important for mood, concentration and sleep
  • converting vitamin B6 to it’s active form (pyridoxal phosphate)
  • wound healing
  • reproductive hormone activity


The recommended daily intake of zinc is 14mg for males, 8mg for females. The upper tolerable intake is 40mg per day.

Note that zinc absorption is reduced by fibre, phytic acid (present in grains and legumes), other minerals. Excessive amounts of zinc is lost in diabetes via the urine.

Below is a list of natural wholefoods containing zinc.

Foodmg per servingr serving
Oysters (6 med)19mg
Beef steak cooked (120g)6mg
Lamb cooked (120g)5mg
Scallops (10 med)5mg
Amanrath seeds (100g)3mg
Crayfish (1/2 cup/80g)3mg
Pork cooked (90g)2.2mg
Cashew nuts (1/4 cup/40g)2mg
Lentils/Chickpeas/Beans cooked (1 cup)2mg
Red Rice cooked (1 cup)1.5mg
Pumpkin seeds (20g/1 tbs)1.5mg
Peanuts (1/4 cup/40g)1.2mg
Quinoa cooked (1 cup)1mg
Milk Cow or Soy(1 cup)1mg
Cheese cheddar (30g)1mg
Sunflower seeds (1 tbs/16g)1mg
Chia seeds (15g)1mg
Porridge cooked (3/4 cup)0.8mg
Chicken cooked (100g)0.8mg
Fish cooked (1 med fillet – 120g)0.7mg
Peas cooked (1/2 cup)0.6mg
Egg (1 large)0.5mg
Brown rice cooked (1 cup)0.5mg
Sweetcorn (1 cob/85g)0.3mg
White rice cooked (1 cup)0.2mg
Natural Wholefoods containing Zinc
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