Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building

Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building

The Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building – At age 7 when most of his peers were doing whatever it is that most 7 year olds do when they’re not in school, Nick Jonas was carving out a career for himself on Broadway.  By age 10 he’d already co-written his first song, “Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)” with his father.  The song was part of the album Broadway’s Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure, Vol. 4.  The following year INO Records released it to Christian Radio and that was effectively the then 11 year old’s debut single.

Fast forward another 13 years and Nick Jonas is still doing what he loves to do most – performing.  After spending a number of years performing, acting and writing songs with his brothers as part of the Jonas Brothers, he has embarked on a solo career as a performer and as an actor.

Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building

Nick made his West End debut playing Marius Pontmercy in Les Misérables and appeared in Hairspray playing Link Larkin.  He and his brothers have also appeared in the Camp Rock movies, which were financially successful both at the box office and with soundtrack sales.

But it’s his latest role as an MMA fighter in Kingdom that has set his tween fans hearts fluttering.  For season 3 of the show he reportedly stacked on 20 pounds of lean muscle in around 6 weeks.  A pretty awesome feat considering he has Type 1 diabetes, a condition he was diagnosed with at 13.

This means he has to be careful about what he eats.  Currently his diet is high in lean protein with very few carbohydrates, a plan he says has worked well for him.  He’s also gone from 3000 calories a day to 4200 whilst he’s working out and has been careful about making sure he keeps in close contact with his doctor and that his ‘numbers’ remain good.

So how does he manage to deal with his health condition, and maintain his newly muscled physique?  He says the trainer he worked with showed him some exercise routines he can take with him whilst he’s on the road – Nick is juggling singing commitments as well as his acting ones.  The exercises mostly consist of circuit training, incorporating 6 exercises which all target different areas of the body followed by a quick 2-minute cardio workout.  And then it’s a case of ensuring that his blood sugar, which rises during his workouts, doesn’t get too low afterwards.  We’re also guessing that the supplements Nick uses are also diabetic friendly.

So now that his secret is out, we’ve compiled a report on our findings about these Nick Jonas Workout Supplements.

To be continued …

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