NO Xplode Review

NO Xplode Review

Nitric Oxide Supplements

NO Xplode is another nitric oxide drink in the market. It contains basically the same ingredients as other nitric oxide drinks or supplements being offered. But what makes this product unique from the others?

NO Meta-Fusion is the nucleus of the NO-Xplode. It is the medium that brings together the complete formula and the good results together. NO Meta-Fusion increases the absorption of the needed ingredients ensuring a fast result in the muscle building activities. It’s a strict mixture of vasodilators intended to redouble the blood flow and oxygen levels to the working muscles, allowing them to increase in size and strength.

The supplement is full of ingredients like essential vitamins and other elements but there is only one vital ingredient that needs to be contended with – creatine. It is the source of power that gives NO Xplode all of the intensity that it has. It increases the manufacture of nitrous oxide that basically acts like a enormous booster and provides you all of the benefits that this supplement has. Creatine is the core of the ingredients catalog while nitrous oxide production is the hub of the mechanism where NO Xplode can work its mystery.

The creatine matrix increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP is a precursor to energy. Increased levels of ATP would mean an increased level of energy – energy for more muscle pumps and lifts. Thus increasing muscle size fast!

Caffeine and the Vinka alkaloid increases focus to finish more reps but the problem here is the stimulant side effects of coffee. It could cause palpitations, insomnia and restlessness.

The “Glycerol Hydrating Polymers” help to guarantee that the cells are suitably hydrated to prevent dehydration and increase formation of lactic acid – which would prevent muscle growth.

Based on user reviews, some of the side effects experienced are head aches, a few sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, increased tension and blood pressure. Individuals react differently so these problems may not be experienced by some. Those who are sensitive to any of the ingredients, especially caffeine, should take a small amount first before gradually increasing it to the maximum level.

While No-Xplode may be one of the more admired formulas and contains some of the correct ingredients, it does not really improve the development of muscles. Again, it does not reveal the accurate amounts of the major ingredients, and we have no way of telling how much we are actually ingesting.

No Xplode Side Effects

There are a lot of pre-work out supplements crowding the market today. And like all others, No Xplode, still has some side effects that can be annoying at times. This muscle formula contains basically the same ingredients like all other pre-work out formulas.

NO Xplode, like all other creatine-filled products, can increase the workload of your kidneys especially in filtering the waste products formed during those intense muscle work outs. For people with healthy kidneys, this would not pose any problems but for those with a family history of kidney diseases, be cautious in taking this supplement or better yet ask the family doctor first before indulging yourself with this work out formula.

Other users reported that they had muscle cramping as when using this product. This may be due to dehydration or the increase production of lactic acid when you are working out too hard. This can be resolved by making sure to drink plenty of water before the session, during and after. This is to prevent you from dehydrating and diluting the lactic acid present in your blood.

The nitric oxide can give you head aches, dizziness and low blood pressure. This is because the nitric oxide will dilate and relax the blood vessels.

The stimulant property of caffeine would definitely lead to palpitations, excessive nervous energy, sleeplessness, anxiety and frequent urination. So for those who are sensitive to caffeine, make sure to take a scoop only, gradually increasing it to the maximum level recommended. This will help your body to adjust to the caffeine content.

Creatine can cause allergic reactions and difficulty in breathing, swelling of lips and tongue and heavy breathing. Make sure to check with your local health provider for any problems or unnecessary reactions.

A very embarrassing side effect can be the constant blowing of gas, which could be used as weapon of mass destruction. Drinking lots of water and taking the drink on an empty stomach greatly help reduce the problem.

Bloating also is a common problem which may be uncomfortable to some people.

The problem with No Xplode is not the type of ingredients being used but the amount of these ingredients, since it is not stated in the label. We can never know how much we are taking thus do not know also how safe we would be. And do consult your doctors when you’re in doubt or have problems.

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