Nutrisystem Weight Loss – Does Nutrisystem Work?
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Nutrisystem Weight Loss – Does Nutrisystem Work?

The NutriSystem weight loss program has been providing free weight loss tips and advice for helping America lose weight and become healthier for the past 35 years.

A convenient and effective weight loss program for many people, NutriSystem developed into a leader in the weight loss industry and became a publicly traded company in October of 1999.

Just like with most other weight loss programs, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the nurtisystem program as well.

The cost of the program, at about $11 per day (per person) at the time of this writing, can be prohibitive for many people, especially if you elect to take the vitamins and other supplements they offer.

If you have other family members that you have to provide for, your food bill can become quite steep!

Another drawback to the program, and one that has essentially put it on the map more or less, is the pre-packaged food you’re required to eat. But some see this as a convenience more than a drawback since they won’t have to prepare time-consuming meals, and they don’t seem to mind the fact that many of the meals are just not that tasty.

You have to try all of their meals and find what works for you. Having said that, if you’re accustomed to delicious home-cooked meals every day, you’ll have to do some adjusting, but if you stick closely to the plan you will lose weight.

The Nutrisystem Plan

Along with daily weight loss tips, NutriSystem offers seven different programs designed for different stages of life and the needs of each stage – each plan comprised of 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 20% fat.

All plans include easy-to-follow meal plans with no counting, weighing or measuring of your food.

You can combine these meal plans with fresh grocery items such as your favorite fresh vegetables and other items you insist on including in your diet such as your favorite acai berry drink, for a balanced diet.

If you are a Type ll diabetic, you know that reaching and maintaining an ideal weight is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

NutiSystem makes it as simple as possible to achieve this goal through their easy-to-follow dietitian-approved diabetic weight loss meal plans.

NutriSystem also offers prepackaged vegetarian weight loss diets which are specially formulated to help curb cravings. Both the men’s and women’s “Basic Plans” and “Vegetarian Plans” include “good carbs” plus omega-3s, and protein and fiber to help curb cravings.

With NutriSystem, you avoid hunger by eating often throughout the day, and the prepackaged entrees, snacks, and desserts assure that you always get perfect portions and avoid making bad food choices.

Plus, all of your pre-portioned and calorie-controlled meals and snacks are delivered right to your door and include free shipping!

Each NutriSystem 28-day menu consists of 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners, and 28 desserts/snacks, and as stated above, costs around $11 per day. You can create your own menu for each day or choose the pre-selected Favorite Foods Package.

If you order one 28-day program, or choose the auto-delivery for recurring monthly deliveries, you get a discount. If you don’t wish to purchase a whole month of meals, there is an “A la Carte” area for picking up individual items, as well as things like vitamins and supplements.

Similar to following diets such as the green tea weight loss diet or those consisting mostly of natural fat burning foods, if you follow the NutriSystem weight loss plan, you will lose weight.

And it is important to take this time while you are following this program to learn healthy eating habits that you can use for life because once you no longer have everything portioned and planned out for you, you will be on your own.

Many people believe that Nutrisystem is the safest and quickest way to lose weight they’ve ever tried. They also report feeling better when they are following the plan than they have in a long time.

It is still recommended, however, that you consult with your physician before beginning Nutrisystem or any other exercise or weight loss program.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss – Does Nutrisystem Work?
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