Nutrition for Women - The Complete Supplement Guide

Nutrition for Women – The Complete Supplement Guide

Proper nutrition for women isn’t about taking a vitamin pill every morning. In the year 2015 we lost 400,000 of our mothers, daughters and sisters due to poor diets and physical inactivity. With the wealth in the United States we find this appalling.

Less than 25% of the women in the U.S. get the minimum daily allowance of iron. We need to drink more orange juice and eat more citrus products. Other sources of iron include enriched and whole grain breads, lean meat, spinach, dry beans, peas, lentils, and shellfish. Iron deficiency in women is a serious issue; it affects the function of several organs.

Only 4% of women in all age groups eat 3 or more vegetables a day or eat 6 servings of grain.

Supplements can provide a boost in your dietary needs but it is not a replacement for a healthy diet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A fortified cereal and some fruit will give you a jump start on your busy day. The best rule of thumb is to eat portions no larger than your fist. Visit our Healthy Eating Page for a complete listing of dietary recommendations. We go on a weekly shopping trip to purchase all the foods we need to fulfill our nutritional needs.

Nutrition for Women Recommendations

Nutrition for women recommendations listed below along with the Special Circumstances section below will provide your personal natural health supplement program. From our shopping list determine what percent of the foods you eat on a regular basis. This amount will be deducted from your supplement needs. 50-60% consumption is a general average.

Nutrition recommendations we make for each age group are based on a multivitamin plus supplements to equal 100% of your nutrition needs. Health supplements work best and cause less stomach problems if taken after eating and natural health supplements work best.

Don’t forget to check the minerals page to learn how each of the elements aids in your nutrition needs.

All information about health supplements and intake levels are based on the latest available data. Please contact us if you see any errors or omissions. We need everyone’s input in order to make this site as up to date as possible. Thank You!

Nutrition for women recommendations are based on a healthy woman/child. Please go by your appropriate age group and read any special notes for smokers or moderate to heavy users of alcohol in the Special Circumstances section.

During Pregnancy or while Lactating please refer to those sections for your nutritional needs. Consult your health care provider prior to taking any health supplements. You may copy any part of this website for your personal use.

Healthy Adolescent (9-13)

Vitamin needs at this age group jumps considerably from childhood. They remain below teen nutritional needs but only slightly. A good natural health supplement like a  Children’s Multivitamin will provide most of her nutritional needs. All we need to do is boost her  Vitamin E and  Niacin intake.

Health Teen (14-18)

I can’t remember which were worse the terrible twos or the terrible teens. It’s coming back to us now. When she was 2 she didn’t scream as much. Now that you’re a teenager you don’t want anyone telling you what to do. Let’s compromise. I’ll make some nutrition for women recommendations and you can tell us how you don’t need them. Humor us and try them for one month. You will have more energy and a beautiful complexion. All you need is a good health supplement like a Women’s Multivitamin.

Vegetarians, and those on diets may also need a good natural health supplement like a Calcium supplement.

The teen years can be very difficult. Your little girl is turning into a woman. Peer-pressure, especially for girls, can be an enormous burden. The desire to fit in and look “perfect” can lead to serious eating disorders.

Healthy Women (19>)

From 19 on a woman’s nutrition needs really only change significantly enough to warrant additional health supplements during Pregnancy and while Lactating. These are covered under their respective titles. Please check the nutrition recommendations under the Special Circumstances title below for other information. A good  Women’s Multivitamin should be all the supplement you will need. Vegetarians and women on diets should also take a calcium supplement.


Your nutritional needs during pregnancy required a page by itself. PLEASE don’t leave without checking out the pregnancy page. Every woman of child bearing age needs to learn the latest recommendations from the health experts. Folic acid deficiency can lead to neural tube birth defects before you even know you’re pregnant. New information has shown permanent brain damage can occur to your unborn baby if you consume alcohol during pregnancy. Please check all the facts before becoming pregnant.


Congratulations! The baby’s here and it’s time to start breast feeding. Remember that, just as during your pregnancy, whatever you eat or drink so does the baby. And our rule about babies is? RIGHT! Consult your health care provider before taking any health supplements.

The nutrition recommendations are going to change again. Vitamin A and vitamin C needs are now going to almost double. Your  Women’s Multivitamin will still take care of vitamin A but we’re going to have to take a  Vitamin C natural health supplement. You may discontinue the Iron supplement you took during pregnancy after 2-3 months.

Special Circumstances – Nutrition for Women

Nutrition recommendations for Smokers. As We’re sure you know, smoking effects your health in many ways. That means that if you smoke you’ve got to change your nutrition program. The following items need to be adjusted according to your diet and how much you smoke.

*Do not take any betacarotene supplements

*Smoking depletes vitamin C in your body, use a Vitamin C health supplement.

Nutrition for women recommendations for alcohol users. Consumption effects your nutrition needs even more than smoking. Adjust your health supplement intake as follows.

*Alcohol increases your need for Biotin, your Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Alcohol inhibits the absorption of Folic Acid, use a Folic Acid supplement.

*Alcohol makes it harder for the body to get rid of excess vitamin A

*Alcohol requires your body to use more vitamin B1 (Thiamin), your  Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Alcohol increases your need for vitamin B12, your Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Alcohol increases your need for vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), your women’s multivitamin will control this

*Alcohol depletes vitamin C in your body, use a Vitamin C supplement.

*Alcohol increases the body’s need for Magnesium, use a  Magnesium supplement.

*Alcohol increases your need for Calcium, use a Calcium supplement.

Nutrition recommendations while using Oral Contraceptives

*Increases the need for folic acid, use a  Folic Acid supplement

*Increases Vitamin A levels

*Decreases B1 (Thiamine) levels in your body, your Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Increases your need for B2 (Riboflavin), your Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Reduces your level of Vitamin C in the body, use a Vitamin C Supplement

*Increases your need for Vitamin B6, your Women’s Multivitamin natural health supplement will control this

Nutrition recommendations while using Antacids

*Increases your need for Folic Acid, use a Folic Acid supplement

*Interferes with Vitamin D absorption, your  Women’s Multivitamin will control this

Nutrition recommendations while using Antibiotics

*Decreases Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) levels in the body, your  Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Increases your need for Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), your  Women’s Multivitamin will control this

*Increases your need for Vitamin K, your  Women’s Multivitamin will control this

All nutrition for women recommendations are made according to the manufacturers information, the NIH (National Institute of Health, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and the IOM (Institute of Medicine, National Academies).

Health supplements are considered a food product. They are regulated by the FDA. If you currently buy your health supplements from a retail store try buying fresh products from Vitamin Power. You will notice a difference.

Nutrition health supplement recommendations and information provided here is limited to available information. We cannot guarantee the total accuracy. Every effort has been made to cross check the data obtained with each of the companies/organizations listed above. A link has been provided to each one. This site is not meant to replace regular visits to your health care provider.

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