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Odell Beckham Jr Workout - 2Most of us wouldn’t dream of playing catch with our phone but it’s SOP for an Odell Beckham Jr workout. The master of the one-handed catch is prone to asking people to throw him his phone from the other side of the room. Just so he can keep his catching skills honed. He says he’s never yet dropped it. We hate to be the bearer of bad tiding but there’s a first time for everything. Or maybe not. It is after Odell Beckham Jr we’re talking about!

Odell Beckham Jr is one of those naturally gifted athletes. He’s genetically programmed that way. He was an excellent footballer, soccer player, basketball player, and track and field athlete. Obviously he chose football, although he could just as easily have become a pro soccer player too. He just didn’t want to go overseas to train. Whilst he’s currently a wide receiver for the New York Giants, he also played quarterback, running back, and cornerback for his high school team.

The Workout Of Champions – Odell Beckham Jr Workout

How does a multi-talented athlete train?

Odell Beckham Jr Workout - 3Odell Jr admits to a reasonably haphazard training schedule. Whilst he does work out at least once, usually twice a day, the timing of those workouts is often in the lap of the Gods.

If he hasn’t got one scheduled he thinks nothing of getting his coach up in the middle of the night. And when he isn’t working out, he likes to nap. Every chance he gets. It’s all part of giving his body time to recover. He also prefers to get into workout mode by popping on a headset and listening to Drake.

As for the training exercises in an Odell Beckham Jr workout – those are pretty impressive. He spent the 2017 preseason for example working out with a trainer renowned for making fast players even faster. Faster in every sense of the word. Faster at catching, faster at maneuvering, faster eye / hand coordination, faster footwork and so on. It all helps Odell Jr know what his lower and upper body are doing. As well as where all the other players he needs to keep an eye on are, and what they’re doing. And know where the ball is as well. All at the same time!

Just A Normal Odell Beckham Jr Workout Routine!

Other exercises he incorporates into his training include weightlifting. There’s the usual power cleans, bench presses, and dumbbell routines. There’s also a nifty stair climb – anyone who’s ever had to climb lots of stairs knows what excellent exercise it is! And drills. Plenty of drills. Agility drills, footwork drills, resistance drills, and the famous tennis ball drill. Plus a spot of brick catching. Here catch…

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Sure, Odell Beckham Jr does work out like anything but it is this top secret addition to his daily diet that seems to be assisting him with maintaining the strength and the power he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is our report on our findings about the Odell Beckham Jr Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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