Our Take on Xenical

Our Take on Xenical

As you can imagine for a treatment which promises to reduce body weight, without any serious side effects, there has been massive demand for Xenical. Unfortunately this has also spawned a number of illegal internet sites selling the drug, which is only available on prescription.

Under no circumstance should you purchase any such treatments from the internet as usage needs to be monitored, and you do not know what you will receive when buying off the internet, with many reports of fake or potentially harmful tablets being delivered.

Your first port of call should be your doctor who will review your particular situation and decide whether Xenical may benefit you. This is done by taking your height and weight and calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a quick calculation to see if, and by how much, you are actually over weight. The treatment will only be prescribed for patients who are obese, and in need of a weight reduction program for health reasons.

It is also at this stage that your doctor will check your blood pressure, and an array of other possible health conditions which you may have, or may be present in your family chain. High blood pressure, diabetes, etc can often effect the final decision as to whether Xenical is the treatment for you.

How does Xenical actually work?

The difference between Xenical and many of the other weight loss drugs on the market is the fact that Xenical works by actually reducing the body’s intake of fatty components, rather than trying to supress your physical food intake.

The treatment works by reducing the production of lipase enzymes in your intestine which is where fatty content is converted into fatty acid and absorbed into your body – resulting in extra fat. By physically reducing the production of this enzyme the amount of fat absorbed into your body is immediately reduced by about 30%. Due to this reduced intake, your body has less calorific intake which when used in conjunction with an exercise plan will result in your body burning more fat and thereby further reducing your weight.

Any unprocessed fatty components of your digested food are immediately excreted out of the body by the usual channels.

Do you still need to exercise when taking Xenical?

While the treatment itself will have an immediate impact upon your BMI, the only way in which you will be able to retain the benefits is by also changing certain aspects of your lifestyle. You should really see Xenical as the first step in a more healthier lifestyle, not the final stage.

When visiting your doctor, they will only
prescribe the treatment if you agree to increase your exercise routine, and also eat healthier, avoiding excessive intake of foods which have caused the initial weight gain. There needs to be a two tier approach, with Xenical giving the patient the initial boost of losing weight and the increased exercise and healthier living plan assisting with the long term goal of keeping the weight off.

Are there any side effects in taking Xenical?

While there are side effects when using Xenical, they are not serious and more of an uncomfortable nature unless certain precautions are taken. Due to the reduced absorption of fatty content, the excess fatty elements are excreted naturally. Initially stools can be loose and oily, with increased flatulence and some patients have reported experiencing sudden bowel movements in the early days.

However, these are side effects which can be negated by reducing the fatty content of your diet, which will have a direct impact upon the amount of fatty content passed through the body. Some users may also find it beneficial to take vitamin supplements until their body becomes used to the treatment.

Does Xenical really work?

As you would expect from a treatment which has the potential to change so many lives around the world, there have been extensive trials and research into the impact on an array of different patients. The results show that Xenical has the potential to not only have a major impact upon a patients weight, but also lead to a better all round standard of living.

The results of the various trials carried out over the last few years where presented to the American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) who approved the treatment on prescription. However, they have also approved a variant of the treatment, Alli, for over the counter sale – the first time ever that an obesity treatment has been approved for over the counter use.


In summary, Xenical has the potential to change the lives of many obesity sufferers, with very little or no side effects to mention. The days when obesity treatments meant an operation, or a brain suppressant which reduced your food intake, have long gone. By physically reducing the amount of fat which is digested into the body, many will see an immediate impact from Xenical.

However, it must be stressed that in order for the treatment to have longer term implications, many patients will need to review their life styles and eating habits, instigating healthy changes on a long term basis. Light exercise is also a major part of the overall process, resulting in an increased feel good factor among many obesity sufferers.

Unfortunately obesity has become a major health issue over recent years, with many studies showing a marked increase in the weight of children from an early age. It is essential that the situation is addressed as soon as possible, in order to promote a more balanced approach to exercise and eating.


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