A Word or Two About Paleo or Stone Age Diet
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A Word or Two About Paleo or Stone Age Diet

Today more and more people are realizing the value of eating healthily. As a result, you will find numerous diet programs at your disposal nowadays.

A very popular diet plan is of course the paleo diet which is actually an acronym for Paleolithic diet. A paleo diet encourages eating centered on the principle that evolution continues to be happening to mankind for thousands of years while it has been not very many centuries since modern diet came to exist.

It’s been scientifically confirmed that the human genome during the initial days of the modern diet is similar to what you will find today. Basically paleo diet is all about eating foods that are pure, natural and not artificial by any means.

Benefits of the Paleo DietThe paleo diet is also referred to as the ‘Stone Age’ diet. Today, our meals often consist of processed foods (including junk foods), vegetable oils apart from sugars and grains.

For a lot of people, such foods make up the entire diet. This kind of unhealthy lifestyle happens to be the main reason for different illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

The Paleo diet is meant to minimize the chance of these kinds of ailments by consuming foods much like what our ancestors used to consume several thousands of years ago. Even today you will find some communities in remote locations who are yet to adopt the present day diet. They still eat uncooked foods and thus are not subject to any present day ailments. This has encouraged many men and women to consider Paleo diet  to their daily routine.

Grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk, fish and meat are a few typical Paleo diet food items. Fast foods like cakes and french fries and candies don’t find a place in this diet because they are a significant factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome.

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A Word or Two About Paleo or Stone Age Diet
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